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  • No More News, Please [View article]
    Finding just the right stock, one that you're comfortable with and then selling calls or puts over and over again is a great formula for accumulating profits.

    I don't have too many doubts about that approach. The more mediocre the performance, the better, as long as there are occasional jumps or drops to spice up those premiums and keep everyone on their toes.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    That's what I'm talking about!
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    I can easily justify the ownership of companies that may have questionable behaviors or ethical lapses, unless a secondary offering on an IPO is on the table.

    SLB may be a great alternative to HAL, but it's not one that I follow. I've long been a Halliburton investor and tend to stick to the same stocks, over and over again, just as I favor RIG over SDRL. Not necessarily because of any inherent advantage, but because of my familiarity with one company and its past behaviors over another similar company.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    A few months ago when Cheney was asked whether he had any regrets or would have done anything differently during his tenure as Vice President his response was fairly straightforward.

    Whether you agree or disagree with someone's political positions, stances or decisions, it's very difficult to understand how someone can think of absolutely nothing that they would do differently. No one should be so perfect as to not question the path that they selected.

    Since remorse was the weekly theme, there may have been reasonable reason to include a mention of Dick Cheney and at least one egregious example of an inability to find a means to accept responsibility for an entirely non-political action.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    Warranted? Yes.

    Cheap shot? Maybe

    Expected? Not the first time, but they've never gone hunting together again.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    The final part of your comment is what most partisans never quite are willing to accept. There is very little, good or bad, that is solely the responsibility of a single political party, individual or entity.

    Somehow, the ability to absolve one's own responsibility and assign complete blame to others knows no political party boundaries.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]

    The sector has been weak very recently, with Halliburton nearly down 10% prior to today's bounce higher.

    I often like owning BP, RIG and HAL concurrently, thinking of them as my "Evil Troika" and I think all three are priced just right for a reunion.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    I agree that $54 is a little on the high side for a new position, although if shares trade in their 2 year range, even a drop from there can probably be managed easily enough to secure a profit with repeated option rollovers.

    I had two lots of EBAY assigned this week, leaving me with a single remaining lot. Currently, my ideal entry point is at about $52.50, but might consider adding shares above that if it seems to be developing some near term support at $53.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    Part of the problem with Target's management of the problem was the incremental way information was released that completely eliminated its own credibility. After so many times of hearing how limited and minimal the breach had been, the numbers became staggering when fully known.

    How that translated into actual fraudulent losses isn't clear, but the remediation was very costly both in direct and indirect expenses.

    Certainly the way the CEO transition was handled only added to a loss in confidence. The recent re-statement of guidance was hopefully the final nail in the coffin of this unfortunate series of events for a retailer that lost much of its credibility and scared customers away.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    I guess that the lack of having actually expressed a political view, as you noted, is irrelevant to some. It almost seems like carrying a chip on one's shoulder, when everything is interpreted as serving to conspire against you, when in fact that may not be the case at all.
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  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    While I don't know if your future presence or absence will be noted, there wasn't too much of a political statement regarding Dick Cheney.

    He shot someone in the face and never expressed any sorrow, nor offered any apology or any kind in a public forum. I'm not certain how that relates to public policy or politics.
    Aug 8 11:09 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investor's Remorse [View article]
    It's about remorse. No comment was made about Dick Cheney's competence, only that he expressed no remorse, nor apology for shooting his friend in the face. No cheap shots, just a mention of the facts, as no one has offered another version over the years.

    Oh, and by the way, he happened to have been CEO of Halliburton, which happens to be a stock highlighted this week, when the companion topic is, in case you missed it, remorse.

    You have drawn conclusions regarding competence and inserted your own opinions that were never a part of any discussion or consideration.
    I suppose that says something, as well.
    Aug 8 11:02 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • No More News, Please [View article]
    I like both.

    I won't be adding RIG, though, because I have 3 lots already open and that's my limit. I'll be happy to await the dividend and hope for some appreciation in the meantime, as the oil services sector has been hit lately.

    FAST, on the other hand in the final week of a monthly option looks good and I may consider it if it stays below $44.50
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  • No More News, Please [View article]
    Whether the sale of calls or puts the result is the same. You are liable for short term capital gains.

    My belief is that anything that results in a net gain after taxes is a worthwhile pursuit.

    Insofar as the size of the account goes, as it may be related to the amount of income generated, you could conceivably move yourself up to a higher tax bracket, which , therefore would impact all other earnings at the margins.

    That's certainly a consideration and can easily be calculated, but the remedy to that is to already be at the highest tax bracket.
    Aug 6 06:04 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • No More News, Please [View article]
    Depending upon your brokerage, you can still sell cash secured puts through a tax deferred account. I do so regularly.

    In general, I like to use accounts differently, but those uses aren't exclusive

    For example, I prefer to sell puts using a margin account. Doing so doesn't incur interest expense, unless assigned and you have to take ownership of shares. I otherwise don't want to use margin in the traditional manner.

    The margin account is also helpful in the case of dividend related trades that may be at higher risk for early assignment and that might otherwise put someone at risk for a free riding violation.

    I like to use a taxable account for more speculative positions in order to get tax benefit if needing to take a loss.

    Tax deferred accounts are especially good for dividend related trades and certainly shields one from short term capital gains tax liability.
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