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I agree with Anton. This is sensible and clearly written. Yes, you can build a self driving car. Yes, it can be done soon, or now for that matter. No, it will not be used by ordinary drivers for a long, long time, if ever for reasons the author clearly states and with which I agree completely.
Mr. Ghosn is a very smart guy. He not only knows the factory floor, but obviously has mastered the board room as well. His tenure speaks to that eloquently. At a car show he made a couple of offhand remarks to an interviewer. Turned into sound-bites they don't read well, but I'm more than sure that if questioned, and with time to answer completely, he is fully conversant with driverless car technology and "connectiveness." Yes, driverless cars are possible. How practical they are at this juncture is moot. As far as connectivity is concerned, the phone works fine. With a human chauffeur and current technology a passenger can be connected to his/her heart's content to virtually all available media; carrying on business as tho' in the office. Under robotic control it's a different matter. It may happen one day, but don't hold your breath. In the meantime, ignore soundbites and off hand remarks.
I agree: the economy is shimmying a bit, but the wheels are not coming off. Stay in your lane, don't hit the brakes, steer straight ahead and take your foot off the gas for the moment. If you are really worried, you can pull off on the shoulder and wait a bit. Getting back into traffic may be a problem if you wait too long. This has happened before, and will, no doubt, happen again. Relax.
It gives one pause. The three year chart shows impressive numbers. The dividends have been advanced in step with earnings. When a firm such as GS makes a very bad call in the face of contrary stock action, and particularly since they've been very much into this stock from the very beginning it makes you wonder: was this really a mistake? I doubt it.
Very enlightening. The charts and organization of the article should be a guide for other authors. Good information in concise form. Thank you.
You make many good points worth thinking about, and you have enlightened me considerably. I appreciate that. Companies make mistakes, that's true, but if they manage to be right a little over half the time they continue to prosper. I have been long the stock for years.
XOM was a great company last year, is a great company this year, and based on past experience will be a great company next year and in succeeding years to follow. The stock price is not down due to management errors, or bad business practice. And please, do not compare apples to octanes.
Holding Ford stock is sort of like planting a seed that should grow to be a beautiful and valuable plant, and then waiting five years with no sign of a sprout. By all measures the stock should be moving, but doesn't. I do agree with the author; it's a good stock with a good future. Maybe it will sprout next year..or the year after. In the meantime, the dividend is commendable. Patience is the virtue to be acquired by the value investor. I shall wait.
That XOM is a well-run, profitable company with a proven track record of dividend payments is not exactly a revelation, but from time to time it's good that someone marshals the facts to support the conclusion. Thanks for taking the time to point out that heat does not come from the stove, or electricity out of the wall.
I, too, bought MSFT when it was issued and held the stock despite urgings from multiple brokers to sell. Ultimately, Microsoft essentially became a member of the family and it was a good thing, as Microsoft is the only member still working. The rest of us have retired. Having followed the stock thru all it vicissitudes it's a real pleasure to see it stabilize, mature and transmogrify under new leadership. It would be great so see the stock price rise, but in the meantime the increase in the annual dividend is our September Tonic. Our compliments to the management.
HTCH, over a year ago, was rumored to have a "break through" product related to digital photography. Initially it looked good, but apparently failed to meet a need, or was wiped out be competing products. They know full well their days are numbered. Nice guys. I do hope they can pull a rabbit out of a disk drive and survive. Sadly, it just may not happen. I wish them well.
The author is ill-informed in some respects and ill-willed in many repeats. He is no doubt ill-intentioned, as well. I became ill just reading the article.
This article fits into a new literary genre I would call, "Financial Fiction."
Can anyone account for the volatility in ARCAM ? Don't see any news in my usual stateside sources.
This is an exceptionally good article. The author is looking far ahead and sees clearly what the future may hold. I have the feeling he's dead right.
Lately my wife and I have been considering what to do with several tons of "stuff"we have accumulated. In many respects, other than sentiment, it has no real value. In fact we may end up paying just to get rid of it. The author has sensed a sea-change and clearly points out what it may mean almost across the spectrum of our lives.
I'm behind in my tech skills. I can see the need for a "specialist" who will sit down with me and reconfigure not only my equipment, but ME as well. This is good advice I will heed.
Grete, you must go beyond hope. Arcamism has taken on the trappings of a religion. Your approach must now be a combination of fasting and prayer. The sooner you get started, the sooner the big order will arrive.
I agree with David. I will close out as well.
Thank you, Touchwood. I searched around the usual places here with no luck finding any mention whatsoever of the trading day for Arcam. Interesting move unrelated to the fundamental. I appreciate the prompt reply.
Does anyone have an insight on the Arcam sel-loff in Sweden today ?
Third quarter better than expected and stock "popping." Grete should be pleased. Would be nice to see the stock go back to where it was post-split. We can always hope.
These objections are well known and have been commented on before. Arcam is doing well in the implant business and will continue to do so. The anemic order book is probably is related to the issues discussed in the article. If aerospace needed, and could use the technology as is, there would be more orders coming in. Maybe there is another generation on the way. Hopefully.
Arcam Capital - November 5, Shelton, USA
October 3, 2014
The event will take place at DiSanto Technology Inc. in Shelton, United States. You will get to meet and listen to Magnus René, President and CEO, Johan Brandt, CFO, Ronald Dunn, CEO of DiSanto Technology, Inc., and Jacques Mallette, President of AP & C. The event will offer investors, analysts and financial media a strategic review and an update of the progress, strengths, and current market opportunities in the Arcam.
I suspect this meeting will be to announce that ARCAM is exercising its option to buy DiSanto. Most of us suspected this would be the case within the two year framework mentioned in the original "merger."
This is rather short notice for the meeting. I would have been interested in attending, but this notice is too short for me. We move to our winter home at this time and cannot change that schedule. We've not heard anything from Gary for some time. Gary, if you are out there, do you plan to attend ?
If the sale takes place, an interesting scenario unfolds. ARCAM will be entering into direct competition with many of it's current, or potential customers. This is usually a "no-no", but may be part of a significant strategic move on ARCAM's part. Would be fun to be on the inside and watch it unfold. Any thoughts out there ? Andreas, what do you think ?
As we say here, Grete, " The solution to pollution is dilution." The larger number of shares may well be reflected in the current price. I don't see it as bad. Lack of orders is bad.
On 9/16 the board voted to increase the quarterly dividend by 3 cents to 31. Annualized this is $1.24, and 11% increase over the previous rate. The company continues to do well and the chorus of nay-sayers has dwindled significantly. Thank heavens.
This is a good article full of good advice and common sense. It will likely be ignored by most readers.
"HTCH ran from something under $3 on May 1 to just over $6.50 about six weeks later largely on the strength of a Seeking Alpha Pro article published in April. A major thrust of that article, by a Hutchinson, MN local, was leaked information that HTI was working on an OIS for smart phone cameras."
That Hutchinson, MN "local" happens to be a shrewd investor and a very smart guy. I read his article and took a modest position in the stock. It took a while, but the rumor panned out. Maybe I'm supposed to "sell on the news", but I think I'll stay with the stock. It pays to read SA. Not all the time, but often enough to keep me coming back.
The order from Airbus is encouraging and very welcome, but ARCAM remains a "one trick pony." EBM, while spectacular in many respects, remains narrow in terms of applications. That's where Stratasys has an advantage. They make a variety of laser sintering devices with multiple applications, many of which are probably widely adaptable. ARCAM remains strong and a major player, but will accrete rather slowly as industry identifies its usefulness. Keep the faith.
Interesting phenomenon on the Swedish exchange. Initially up about 6 SEK the stoke finished down .5 SEK. The volume was modest, but there were over 700 traders. Only a few trades involved significant volumes. The rest are relatively small numbers. To me, this suggests that a number of small investors were selling on the spike. Of course, I have no way of knowing the exact situation. What it does suggest is that interest in the stock has waned.
Having put a major part of the company in the U.S., I hope management decides to get off the pink sheet list and puts the stock into play here in the states. Too, a change would help, if they go the M&A route. Things change.
Thank you, Grete, for the good news. Most of us assumed this would happen sooner or later. Now ARCAM is a vertically integrated manufacturer of orthopedic implants. It will be interesting to see how many firms choose DiSanto as their OEM. The Russian order and DiSanto deal should give the stock a much needed boost.
Oh, Grete, sort of a lame joke…Were I to share a room with a female "Greta ?" I'd want the king sized bed. With a male "Grete", the twin beds. The name "Grete" I've never heard before. Tell me about it..
I don't mind sharing a room. "Greta." One King size. Grete, twin beds.