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  • Hutchinson Technology, Revisited [View article]
    "HTCH ran from something under $3 on May 1 to just over $6.50 about six weeks later largely on the strength of a Seeking Alpha Pro article published in April. A major thrust of that article, by a Hutchinson, MN local, was leaked information that HTI was working on an OIS for smart phone cameras."

    That Hutchinson, MN "local" happens to be a shrewd investor and a very smart guy. I read his article and took a modest position in the stock. It took a while, but the rumor panned out. Maybe I'm supposed to "sell on the news", but I think I'll stay with the stock. It pays to read SA. Not all the time, but often enough to keep me coming back.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    The order from Airbus is encouraging and very welcome, but ARCAM remains a "one trick pony." EBM, while spectacular in many respects, remains narrow in terms of applications. That's where Stratasys has an advantage. They make a variety of laser sintering devices with multiple applications, many of which are probably widely adaptable. ARCAM remains strong and a major player, but will accrete rather slowly as industry identifies its usefulness. Keep the faith.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Interesting phenomenon on the Swedish exchange. Initially up about 6 SEK the stoke finished down .5 SEK. The volume was modest, but there were over 700 traders. Only a few trades involved significant volumes. The rest are relatively small numbers. To me, this suggests that a number of small investors were selling on the spike. Of course, I have no way of knowing the exact situation. What it does suggest is that interest in the stock has waned.

    Having put a major part of the company in the U.S., I hope management decides to get off the pink sheet list and puts the stock into play here in the states. Too, a change would help, if they go the M&A route. Things change.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Thank you, Grete, for the good news. Most of us assumed this would happen sooner or later. Now ARCAM is a vertically integrated manufacturer of orthopedic implants. It will be interesting to see how many firms choose DiSanto as their OEM. The Russian order and DiSanto deal should give the stock a much needed boost.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Oh, Grete, sort of a lame joke…Were I to share a room with a female "Greta ?" I'd want the king sized bed. With a male "Grete", the twin beds. The name "Grete" I've never heard before. Tell me about it..
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    I don't mind sharing a room. "Greta." One King size. Grete, twin beds.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Late summer is often the doldrums for the market. This is certainly true for ARCAM. Trading has been desultory at best with volumes down significantly both in Sweden and the U.S., or has the stock fallen out of favor? Hard to say, but the realities have to be recognized. With no orders for two months, and no significant news on the investment side one begins to wonder. Third quarter results will most likely be grim. Perhaps we should stop thinking about the whole issue and take Jimmy Roger's advice: Go to the beach. Grete, don't forget the suntan lotion !
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    GVI mentioned a possible large order hinted by Magnus in his first quarter report. Now Gary suggests the same via a release from GE. With the third quarter now half over, the outlook is guarded. Let's hope the big order turns up soon.

    I seem to recall that ARCAM was obliged to report orders under Swedish regulations. If that is not so, perhaps there ARCAM is party to a news blackout agreed upon while M&A negotiations are under way. Bottom line, none of us have any real inside information.

    Monetarius always said that one should not discuss the harvest till the grapes are off the vine. We could learn from him.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Dear Grete,

    I can see you are troubled by events surrounding ARCAM. Lacking facts and information about the company, I suggest you turn to simple faith, as have all men throughout history when confronted by the unknown.

    At a time like this, prayers to St. Monetarius, the patron saint of investors may be of great help, and offer you peace instead of turmoil.

    Monetarius was born in Rome around 350 A.D. The second son of a blacksmith he had only minimal schooling except for his father’s trade. He entered military service in the Roman Legions from which he was discharged honorably after serving in a transportation battalion. Having dealt with reliability problems with chariot wheels, he took over his ailing father’s shop and developed a new wheel system using a left hand bronze thread mount fro the left wheel and a right hand thread for the right he all but eliminated wheel loss.

    He became a major supplier to the Roman Military and operated for years under the company name of “Circulus.” He invested a major portion of his profits in real estate in Rome and surrounding areas, only to be wiped out by the invasion of the Goths and the fall of Rome. Denarius-less, he was taken in by a Christian brotherhood growing grapes in Apulia. There he taught the brothers the double entry book keeping system that allowed them to prosper, shipping their wine though-out the failing empire. At a very advanced age, he died in Apulia around 440 A.D. He was canonized by Pope Silverius in September 536.

    Monetarius’ teachings about money and finance were recorded at the Monastery, by scribes, and formed the basis for an investors cult that arose in the seven hundreds, but was largely forgotten until the Renaissance when the writings were re-discovered and popularized in Venice. Monetarius taught that you were better off burning your money rather than making bad investments. He felt that if you wanted to get rid of your wealth, better to burn it yourself rather than giving it to someone else promising gains under false pretenses.

    Any flame source, or incinerator serves as a temple to Monetarius. Your offering can be any amount: ten S.E.K, two Euros, or five bucks American. Toss it in the fire and call upon Monetarius to give you guidance. If he acknowledges your offering, he will come to you in a vision within three days. A study at the Wharton School of Business found this technique to be equally as good as reading the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s or the Financial Times. Studies on “Seeking Alpha” are under way. Early results are equivocal.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Gary gets around and talks to lots of folks in the business. He will more than likely have worthwhile comments.

    The economic conditions in Europe continue to be less than favorable. Even Germany is showing some signs of slowdown in the economy. The business climate is, to use a weather related term, "inclement." Arcam has gone since mid-June without an order. The last two machines were ordered by DiSanto and are sort of "inside" orders. With no orders for seven weeks, and with the quarter over half gone, the Q3 numbers may well be less than outstanding: they might even be terrible.

    Jimmy Rogers often suggested, when things got this confused, going to the beach. Get a cool drink, watch the girls, but don't feed the sea gulls.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    The stock is getting a bit of a "pop" today for some reason. Nothing new on the company website, but there are some issues of note going on generally.

    New numbers from Europe show Germany the only country growing its economy, thought at a slower rate than in the immediate past. The EU central banks are concerned about the deflationary trend and are giving some thought to a quantitative easing program similar to what the Fed has done in the U.S.

    This all reads as poor economic news in Europe and secondarily in the U.S., as the economies are closely related. This may be an underlying issue with ARCAM: it is a victim of economic circumstance, not competition or technologic inadequacy.

    Perhaps we should all assume a stance of "watchful expectancy" and see what the immediate future brings. Do not buy, sell, or hold. The best action is often just inaction.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    The writers on Yahoo are sincere folks, but no wiser that we. They are making the same observations. Without some first hand knowledge we are just making word salad with opinions.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    Grete, predictions are very hard to make, particularly if, you are talking about the future. That's why history is so satisfying: you are predicting the past, and that is more reliable.

    It will take a little time to see what the market is up to. This may have been just a mild correction. The market is a bit overblown in places and I suspect there are more than a few investors who have decided to take a little money off the table.

    ARCAM is a bit enigmatic at this point. With no orders for over a month one begins to wonder. Of course, with machines costing a million dollars they don't exactly fly off the shelf. Considering the overall pickup in industrial activity world wide, one would expect at least a few orders. A cause for concern then is whether ARCAM's niche is so small, they've filled it already. Very hard to say. Our problem ? No one on this site seems to have any inside knowledge of ARCAM. Lacking such information we are all just blowing bubbles. Idle chatter, gossip, speculation and guesses. At least it keeps us at the computer and off the street as well as out of the taverns.
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  • 10 Reasons Arcam AB Remains A Strong Buy [View article]
    I have long since sold my 3D. I never liked the company and could not see a good future for a firm whose chief product is acquisitions. And, too, Grete, you must remember that when the police raid the disorderly house, they arrest the good girls along with the bad ones. Argentina is upsetting the animals in the investment cage today. It will be a bit better tomorrow.
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  • The Amazon Fire Phone Will Fail [View article]
    Jeff Bezoa is taking a monumental risk, but i expect it is calculated. I have no insight into Amazon's finances, but I understand they may be stretched. Seneca once wrote that there is no finer sight than a good man struggling with adversity. Bezos may have gone too far, but if he didn't, we all have something to learn. Let's see what happens.
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