George Ronan

Long/short equity, growth, medium-term horizon, tech
George Ronan
Long/short equity, growth, medium-term horizon, tech
Contributor since: 2013
Hello all,
Thank you for your kind comments. I felt too much emphasis had been placed on a pretty redundant statistic as of late, and I am glad I managed to get my point across with this piece.
Thank you for your considered response. I think your closing sentence sums it up nicely.
I think you have it spot on. I predict MARA will start grabbing headlines around its next earnings release. Until then, as Greg describes perfectly here --
-- the company's "hidden" profitability is keeping it just under the mainstream radar.
Patent News,
Thank you for your comment. A list of patents, open cases and secured licensing agreements can be found in the essay under the subheading "To Date".
paulmichael, thanks for the comment, that's the point I am making.
In the last 5 years Groupon thrived because income levels fell, the economy ground to a halt etc., but this growth cannot be seen as truly representative as it was driven by extreme circumstance. In the long run income levels will stabilize/grow and demand for discounts will fall.
You say that slowing of the economy is a positive factor for bargain-orientated stocks, which is correct, but the same is true in reverse.
Surely as the current situation improves Groupon's growth potential will diminish?