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  • Another Keeper Stock: Constructing The Fill-The-Gap Retirement Portfolio For Every Life Phase And Any Market Environment
    Fri, May 22 WPC 41 Comments
  • PulteGroup, Building To New Heights: June Rate Hike Unlikely
    Thu, May 21 PHM 4 Comments
  • Linn Energy Plummets 12% On Secondary: Line Up To Buy LINE
    Wed, May 20 LINE, LNCO 176 Comments
  • Death And Taxes: FTG Portfolio Coins Money From Deathcare While Saving Retirees Money On Taxes
    Fri, May 15 STON 16 Comments
  • Easy Come, Easy Go: Capital Appreciation Evaporates But Dividend Income Balloons To Fill-The-Gap
    Fri, May 8 AINV, ARCC, COP 95 Comments
  • Millions Of Millennials And Retirees Can't Answer 3 Basic Financial Questions: How About You?
    Fri, May 1 ARCC, COP, CTL 209 Comments
  • Retired Dividend Investors Are Deluded By Yield On Cost
    Fri, Apr. 24 ARCC, COP, CTL 343 Comments
  • Home Do-It-Yourselfers Can Buy Themselves A Latte, Or Build A Solid Dividend Retirement, A Buck At A Time
    Fri, Apr. 17 ARCC, COP, CTL 64 Comments
  • A Keeper Stock: Constructing The Fill-The-Gap Retirement Portfolio For Every Life Phase And Any Market Environment
    Wed, Apr. 1 OHI 111 Comments
  • Take These Dividends And Call Me In The Morning: Inoculation For A Bear Market
    Sat, Mar. 21 ARCC, COP, CTL 159 Comments
  • I Made $XX,XXX.00 Today: Cashing In Would Be Like Cashing Out
    Fri, Mar. 13 ARCC, COP, CTL 141 Comments
  • When Good News Is Bad News For The Markets And Great News For REIT Buyers
    Sun, Mar. 8 EPR, HCP, O 94 Comments
  • Market Indices Hit Record Highs: Why Are Dividend Investors Filled With Fear And Loathing?
    Tue, Feb. 24 ARCC, COP, CTL 42 Comments
  • Share Accumulation Averaging Down In A Collapsed Sector: Play-By-Play
    Fri, Feb. 13 CVX, LGCY, LINE 115 Comments
  • DGI Retirees Buy When Others Are Fearful: Oil Bottom Or Value Trap?
    Tue, Feb. 10 BBEP, CVX, LGCY 126 Comments
  • No Raise At Work, Again? Follow The Yellow Brick Road To Get Yours
    Mon, Feb. 2 AP, ARCC, COP 47 Comments
  • Retirees Get Another Raise In Their Fill-The-Gap Portfolio: EPR Continues Entertaining
    Fri, Jan. 23 EPR 12 Comments
  • Retired Dividend Investors Are Frightened By Paper Losses. Should They Be?
    Tue, Jan. 20 ARCC, COP, CTL 127 Comments
  • Even The Woefully Underfunded Retiree Can Survive The Next Crash: Here's How
    Fri, Jan. 16 ARCC, COP, CTL 238 Comments
  • Why Buy Long-Term Treasuries? Dividend Growth Retirees Should Consider It For Ballast
    Wed, Jan. 14 ARCC, CTL, DGI 70 Comments
  • Retirees, This Is Not Your Father's Retirement Plan: Constructing The 2015 Fill-The-Gap Portfolio
    Dec. 25, 2014 ARCC, COP, CTL 253 Comments
  • Has America Lost Its First Cyberwar? Sony Corporation Waves The White Flag
    Dec. 19, 2014 SNE 56 Comments
  • Condolences On North Korea Kim's 'Death': Sony Is Alive And Poised To Profit
    Dec. 19, 2014 SNE 32 Comments
  • DGI Retirees Buy When Others Are Fearful: Is Panic In The Oil Patch Giving Us That Buy Signal?
    Dec. 14, 2014 BBEP, CVX, LGCY 212 Comments
  • Can Albert Einstein's Math Get You To The Finish Line? Retirement Portfolio Quarterly Review
    Editors' Pick  • Dec. 4, 2014 BBEP, BMY, CAG 107 Comments
  • Retirees Should Be Careful What They Wish For: I'm Not Thankful For Big Capital Gains Distributions, Should You Be?
    Nov. 27, 2014 VEXPX, VMGRX, VCVLX 101 Comments
  • Targeted Expenditure Investing For Retirees: What Is It, And How Am I Doing?
    Nov. 14, 2014 BBEP, CAG, CBRL 79 Comments
  • Retirees Feeling Anxious? Take 3 Of These Pharmaceuticals, Then Call Me In The Morning
    Oct. 30, 2014 BDX, BMY, JNJ 37 Comments
  • Market Meltdown Faced With Aplomb By Retirees Bolstered By Dividends
    Editors' Pick  • Oct. 16, 2014 EPR, FUN, LVS 68 Comments
  • Middle Class Struggles To Keep A Roof Over Its Head: Inflation Is Killing Their Retirement, Part 5
    Oct. 3, 2014 O, STON, SUI 52 Comments
  • Inflation Is Killing My Retirement: How I'm Dealing With It, Part 4
    Oct. 1, 2014 CAG, CBRL, DLTR 20 Comments
  • Inflation Is Killing My Retirement: How I'm Dealing With It, Part 3
    Sep. 22, 2014 O, OHI, HCP 128 Comments