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  • It's Independence Day For Fannie And Freddie [View article]
    By your logic, you would be still getting away with robbery if you get out the door of the bank after you rob the bank when there are police outside surrounding the building, guns drawn, and you have no place to run...

    That's fine, but at this point they are tangled up in the web that they've created and their house of cards defense is collapsing. The facade of anti-GSE legislation that was designed to wind them all down ran out of time and started too late to be effective at this point and now it's all pretty clear and self-evident to the people who are willing to be honest with the way the world works in regards to how this is all going to play out.
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  • Yellow Media's 2014 Hockey Stick Stock Price [View article]

    Thanks for paying attention.

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  • Dex Media, Inc. - A Potential Multi-Bagger [View article]
    I can walk to chinatown. It's only 2.6 miles through Obama's backyard.

    I think you confuse my remarks with pessimism. There is thunderous upside here. It all comes down to execution.

    Shoot me an email with your reasons for your beliefs. globalspeculation at or give me a ring 7655434175

    You're crazy but I like you.

    Here in DC, the currency is gossip and rumors. I know a thing or two about bureaucrats. At least you acknowledge that bankers are panicky. My thesis is that right now it could go either way. I'm hoping that you're right. I stand to make a fortune if you are!
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  • Dex Media - Chapter 11 Brings Large Upside [View article]
    I encourage you to take a deeper look. Especially take a look at their net debt in their filing today as compared to their forecast.

    my napkin math

    spmd cash is 112 and dexo cash is 131 as of june 30 i believe

    SPMD debt only $1.027B? It was $1.442B at March 31

    1.9+1.027 = 2.927 vs .112+.131 cash

    2.68B net debt right now.

    net debt at the end of 2013 per their forecast is 2881M.
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  • Yellow Media - Canada's Largest Internet Company - Buy Hand Over Fist [View article]
    Yeah, all I wanted to do is to illustrate that on an EV/EBITDA basis, if you compare the digital business to a group of peers, the market is assigning a negative EBITDA multiple to the print business, which is crazy, because the print business has very strong operational leverage and makes 1.68x as much EBITDA as the online business.

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  • American Capital Agency Corp.'s Detailed Dividend Sustainability Analysis [View article]
    This... and only this.
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  • Why Best Buy Is A Best Buy And What To Do About It [View article]
    I agree:
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  • Why I Love Dex One And SuperMedia And Why You Should Too [View article]
    Hey Tim,

    Absolutely. Worst call in history. CCME. It was a fraud that I thought was real. You called me out and you were right.

    What's your take on this situation?
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  • Invest Like The Rich - And Get Yields Up To 7% [View article]
    Invest like the rich, and buy companies directly at a price to value discount as opposed to diversification in things that you don't really have the ability to calculate the disparity between price and intrinsic value.
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  • Dex Media: Likelihood Of Successful Merger Increases [View article]
    did you see the pages jaunes situation and how that is playing out? right now it is a 40% yielder in 2015.
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  • Dex Media: Likelihood Of Successful Merger Increases [View article]
    Guillermoleon - good news is that my opinion is irrelevant.

    That said, I am still of the opinion that there is more upside risk than downside risk. I intend to be buying more shortly. Hopefully the price goes lower... even though this is a 30% portfolio position for me I would like to take it to 40%+ in the next month or two. I'll be going higher if there is a prepackaged bankruptcy or agreement with creditors.
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  • This Cash Flow Machine Is Cheap And Shareholder Friendly [View article]
    Facepalm to Robert Allan Schwartz. Clearly the wrong perspective and hindsight biased. Props to the author, Ignore the ignorant pundits.
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  • We Should Want The Market To Drop [View article]
    There are things you say that I agree with and there are things that you say that I disagree with.

    "Sure, I think stocks, particularly dividend stocks with sustainable earnings growth, are one of the best vehicles for growing wealth over the long term."

    For example, that's wrong.

    The best way to grow wealth over any term is to buy what is out of favor when the expectations that are being priced into the situation are beyond reasonable in their negativity.

    If you don't know how to value businesses, then you're approach is fine. That said, anyone who can look the market in the eye and say, "Hey, you might be wrong here" and then bet against it by buying into an undervalued situation is a winner in my book.

    When speaking about lower valuations... I am an opportunist. I want to maximize the opportunity that I can take advantage of every single day of my life. Given that what I have is more or less what I have at any particular second in time, wouldn't it be nice if I could, given the same amount of what I have, acquire more of what I want to have at any possible moment in time?

    A concrete example is that I have $100 and I want to buy a stock.

    Can I get more or less shares at the two possible prices of $25 or $20?

    It is clear to me that I want the price to go down, always, on all things that I own and understand.

    The person who does not comprehend that they would prefer the prices to go down in the stock market is the same person who does not bargain shop at grocery stores. I prefer to pay less, not more for the same quality and quantity of product at a grocery store. Lower prices are directly beneficial to my personal well-being.

    I hope that this comment helps you better articulate your case for lower prices on a forward basis because your present explanation doesn't dive deep enough into how the common man understands life for them to relate to it.
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  • The Fourth Scenario For When Should I Transition From Capital Gain Investing To Dividend Growth Investing? [View article]
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  • Morgan Stanley Helps Shorts Crowded In Skullcandy, Creates Buying Opportunity [View article]
    what's the fraud risk?
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