Glenn Rogers

Long only, growth at reasonable price, long/short equity
Glenn Rogers
Long only, growth at reasonable price, long/short equity
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Up 40% since I wrote this which pretty much says it all.
Up 40% since I wrote this. Pretty much says it all.
Should revert to its previous high. $120.00 ish
Thanks for all the comments I did say this was a controversial call turns out that was right. The stock is doing well as I write this and I added to my position earlier this week.I'm not crazy about the market in general though I think we should see a pull back soon I expect.
Thanks for your comment. I like MGA and JCI both of which I own.I'm not much for retail stocks so I don't follow them so can't be of much help on the second group.
Make some very good points but the stock keeps going up...go figure.
But wait there's more!
Profits you can't beat that!
Thanks for all the comments guys
Thanks for all the comments everyone. Just for clarification I didn't meant to indicate that Laguna was representative of the entire housing market just that the recent activity there was encouraging . Time will tell if this is the end or just the beginning of the end but either way wait for a pull back before diving in.
In and of itself it won't be enough to be the sole driver but it sure won't hurt. You are right on ESPN and and the kids channel thank god they won't be subjected to the deluge of negative ads unlike the rest of us adults.
It's a long journey especially the last couple of years:)
Thanks for the corrections so far so good on the stock looks like the political ads will be running hot and heavy all year long. Good for DIS bad for us :)
That would be nice but the yield on this one is pretty great as it is.
Yeah that's the question how much more pain and for how long? I think we are closer to the end than the beginning.
Some of them. I think you could practically throw darts once this European mess is behind us.
Goldman did downgrade them today though.
Sorry for the slow response I've been traveling a lot lately. Here's the latest from Barron's
Economic and housing concerns are weighing on Whirlpool, the country's leading household-appliance maker. Its shares, at 62, trade for less than six times estimated 2011 earnings, with a dividend yield above 3%. With its low P/E and digestible market value of $5 billion, Whirlpool has been mentioned as a possible candidate for a leveraged buyout. That holds true for several companies on the list, including Gap and Computer Sciences.
Tough to see a big breakout but the price is pretty interesting down here and the dividend is nice.
It could happen but hard to see how rates can go much lower from here. Thanks for your comment.
I'm with you on this one.
Not sure I'll have a look.
Maybe so I didn't see that article but that makes sense given the slow down in new home construction here in the US.
Demand may decline during the current slow down but over the next few years demand will improve particularly in developing economies. Thanks for your comment.
I agree good time to add on the pullback
Market is negative right now so maybe not much.
Good comments I agree
Didn't sell completely just took profits but they've started moving again so I've been adding some gold and silver back. Didn't see the middle east blowup happening so fast so fear is back in and the ag trade will slow down for awhile until this settles down. I haven't looked at the juniors but I will now. If they trade in tandem then I would load up.
OK thanks for your comments. always good to have information from a local.
That's interesting the stock is doing well but are any of the others traded publicly? Also I hear BIDU is being sued for being a monopoly. Have you heard anything about that over there?
Right but some things are up more than others right? In any case never claimed to be a genius.
Good thought thanks