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went through the complete details where they talk about doubling revenue and increasing earnings. not sure if there current status is suited to that
The key point is that KO's claim to double revenue till 2020 seems quite un realistic. The fact that its revenue has shrinked over time and that health issues are emerging over time (might shoot in the future) makes me suggest that one should wait for next quarter results before investing
ah yes. my bad. thanks for correcting. slip of key made the issue.
The figure of EPS was taken from KO's official website.
thanks for the comment. We used S&P as a benchmark (agree with the low beta theory regarding KO).
thanks for the comment. my next article on KO will exhibit a model for illustrating the case (have felt that I should do it for providing some empirical evidence). The vision of KO was brought by management as a new motive rather than a specific goal. It is also important to note that the revenue has been declining over years. If this continues in the coming years, I feel skeptical about the 2020 vision.
23.17% is the total gain which investors can have on this stock in the long run.
THanks for the comment WIza. Actually, we are ready to bet on TGT. Our database clearly shows strong capital gains in the long run for this stock.
would be interesting to see how DNKN manages these challenges in CA
we feel that Win8 is facing problems as it is more of a radical change than an incremental one. once people get used to the new look and style of working, sales will start mounting. We valued MSFT on past performance as it has been quite stable in the past in terms of performance. no serious bumps in performance. we expect the same to continue in the coming quarters.
Thanks for the appreciation guys
Dear Harry Sillman !
Thank you so much for your comment. What can really change our views about GS is its future performance and credibility in terms of legal issues. We feel that although deals with strong companies can create some difference, real credibility would be established is GS addresses its core internal issues in a more effective manner.
Thankyou so much for pointing the mistake. We feel so sorry for reporting a wrong figure. While this can mainly be described as a slip of keyboard, we feel that such errors should be strictly avoided. We assure that we will take stricter steps to avoid such slips in the future. Sorry again
we would be more concerned if its next transcript also reports declining earning.
we agree to the fact the AAPL introduced the radical innovation. what we want to covey through this article is that AAPL should follow its tradition and fight with innovation. offering discounts for fighting against competition cant be termed as innovation.
what comes to us as a wonder is why does a quality producer need to rely on sheer discounts for sales. AAPL should be proud to sell whatever it sells and should do so at its genuine pricing strategy. off course, non price based strategies are welcomed
this analysis is based on our own opinion mate. we do agree that subjectivity has to be respected. ll make sure that we offer something even better in the future :)
agreed. i wonder why a company like AAPL needs such steps for satisfying investors.
thanks for such a comprehensive comment. we feel that third party deals can have a direct impact on company's prestige and repute. we suggest AAPL should avoid price wars. if such moves get ignited, other competitors will start coming up with more aggressive deals.
We agree that price might rise in the coming quarters. thanks for the comment
we suggest bringing long term crush strategies. we do agree that this will provide shocks to competitors but we also feel that starting such price wars can be dangerous. after all, samsung can some up with much tougher deals owing to its diverse product portfolio. starting such war can be harmful to AAPL itself
lets hope that happens. as an AAPL fan, I feel bad when its flagship products seems going through crisis
thanks for the comment. we do agree that the moves have mainly been made by WMT but AAPL has allowed the store to do so. An indication towards price based war seems prevalent. As you said, AAPL is a quality provided. This is exactly what we want AAPL to do; focus on marketing quality not price.
Thank you so much for such a comprehensive comment. We do agree that the efforts being made by Johnson are appreciable and interesting. What worries us is that he has managed to bring a portion of this revamp in 10% of the stores only despite him being in the company for one year. This pace of revamp can be a trouble is sales keep declining like the previous quarter (the fiscal cliff might also play its role).
A burning question for us is that will JCP be able to revamp with a different positioning? Would people be able to accept the association of a high end prestige based image with a brand which has long been known for middle class? Lets ask ourselves, would Toyota have succeeded in targetting the high class luxury sedan market with its original "Toyota" brand? Perhaps they realized the impossibility in this idea and launched Lexus. For us, the key to watch is would JCP be able to convince people that they are the same old middle class guys with revamped high end prestige (and all that with shrinking sales)?
we agree that JCP will have to spend for a revamp, but we feel that spending so much in the presence of fiscal cliff can be difficult as customers will experience a fall in purchasing power.
we do agree that the stock seems cheap. however, we are scared of getting into a trap by investing in these stock. This is because we fear a sheer drop in EPS because of probable decline in sales. We recommend to wait for results of this quarter.
i somehow feel that the results of this quarter can be the deciding factors.
Dear Skyrunner!
Let me thank you for your interest in the article. The central idea we tried to project through this article is that TM as a stock has fair value for potential investors. While Chinese market is presenting small threats, the US market is lucrative. This makes the stock a buy as TM does not rely much (only 10% of its revenue) on Chinese markets
Dear Psartcurt!
Thankyou very much for the comment. while the products offered by Ford are of good quality with brands like Fiesta and focus well known in the market, the company has not been able to escape from the overall recessionary trend in European market. We feel that shutting down its factory in several locations is just a short term move. A long terms solution has yet to be traced and this for us is a strategic concern for Ford
Dear Doug.Finley!
Thanks for your comment. Yes, Chinese market is also really market for many non Japanese companies in the coming quarters. As the dispute between China and Japan has dramatically dropped sale of Japanese brands like TM, HMC etc in China, it probably is a good time for companies like Ford and GM to jump in. Ford plans to propagate its Lincoln brand which seems interesting.