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Deep value, long/short equity, growth, long-term horizon
Golden Hammer
Deep value, long/short equity, growth, long-term horizon
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Main points to notate are the increased revenues partnered by the high cost of those revenues. Gross Profit has decreased and operating expenses are almost 3x the same quarter of last year. Good items to point out are the increase in accounts receivables. I am not sure what part of the business this is coming from (new marketing campaign for their mobile app, other side of their business, or outside acquisition) but it is a good sign for them as company. Still rate it a hold however :) Hope this helps.
Hi Valu,
Thank you for your comments. This article is not a full analysis of LIVE as a company nor of their marketing strategies. It is strictly to point out their current financial situation and set the expectations for this quarter's earnings report. You seem passionate about this topic so I suggest you write an full analysis on the subject.
As far as the interest expense, LIVE took an additional $5 million line of credit in January of 2014 which may or may not have been utilized this quarter. This would result in additional interest expense as mentioned in the article.
I agree. You have to remember that he owns roughly 10% of this company with 5,541,066 shares. If he sells all the order book will get crushed and this thing will drop over $65 instantly when many others will follow suit. Too much risk riding on one man's decision. At this point there is nothing stopping him from loading up on $200 puts and dropping his position to make another billion on the way down. Way to easily manipulated is this case.
Carl Ichan has not sold a share but the insider management has dumped 11 million shares over the last month including Reed Hastings. I wish you the best of luch this time around as well. I don't have anything close to 2000 shares of this. :)
Got a little back yesterday :)
Both companies will do well next year but based upon their strong cash position and financial stability I believe BofA will do much better than Citi in 2013. I am long in both companies but I expect to see at least a 25% gain in BAC. We'll have to wait and see.
yes sir :)
1.) As far as a consumer's perspective look at their slowing in their DVD subscriptions over the last 2 years in relation to streaming only. I cancelled my DVD subscription a long time ago because of Redbox and most people I know have done the same. I do however continue to pay for the streaming for primarily movies. Breaking bad, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy all network broadcast shows which most people DVR and watch live every week once they have caught up. In my opinion Netflix relies way too much on these popular examples for their model and this is not enough to sustain such a high P/E ratio. Investors are usually only willing to pay this much for a company still in its infant stages of super growth. Netflix has been around way to long for this excuse and its profit year over year has decreased.
2.) Has the Disney deal not been a lifeline to its shareholders? Netflix day before deal -$86. Week after deal - high of $97.55. Hmmm that looks like a Disney content boost to me. And you are right, "Netflix did have to pay up." to get this deal done. We will see how this pans out for them in the end.
3.) Short interest in general is not hard to overcome. but short interest with respect to such high demand for results and a P/E ratio of over 120 can be very "hard to overcome unless it can prove continued growth for the next few quarters to come" Given these recent expenses they have had in overseas expansion and new deals. I don't think shareholders will begin to see the returns they are looking for until it may be too late. And yes you are right. CSTR also has a very large short interest. This case I believe is more appropriate for you argument of shorts having to cover given its low expectations and new value added.
Sorry. Poor choice of words on my end. By previous "losers" I was refering to the recent short term share price declines over the last 6 months in companies like AAPL, FCX, APA. I expect these prices to rise back up after the "cliff" is resolved, in turn making these investments more profitable for the shareholder. ( I did not mean more profitability for the companies themselves.) Sorry for the confusion.
Hi Eileen,
You may be right on Yahoo's figures. I contacted Merrill for an update to confirm b/c yahoo is missing the earnings reports for 2012. I will let you know what I find out. Attached is a link to their most recent analyst report on LFC but you may need an account to open it.
looks like it worked out for us :)
I'm pretty sure you have about 95% of the shareholders agreeing with you on that one. :)
Thanks for all the great feedback. :)