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Great article David. Nice Analysis.
I am still a buyer at current prices!
Nice article. Were you able to get more information about the effectiveness of the vaccine?
Thanks for the updates Dutch Trader, can't wait for the next article!
I like the angle of trying to figure out how much it would cost to start a competitor from scratch. Nice article Redrut!
Hopefully operations can get back to usuall. That recertification process is really taking a lot of time.
Thanks for the feedback Rusfuture. I might have missed something, but I am really worried the fact that the 10+% increase in mortage balances has been facilitated by ever lower interest rates. Even stable interest rates cannot sustain the level of borrowing currently experienced in Canada.
thanks munge, I guess the downgrades did not help either...
Thanks for raisin that point. I admit shorting a bank like BMO, TD or RBC is not a good idea, but i think in case of a reversal in the canadian real estate market, LB and CIBC will get hurt on renewals.
Great fundamental analysis!
The conclusion is logical as the company has built incredible momentum in the industry over th past decade.
For ALN if the Board accepts an offer at such a low price, it will be a bad move for the remaining shareholders...
Thanks for the feedback qwq, I agree with you that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of their services division. However, this segment contributes to a lot of their current operating profits and even if they do not perform as well as IBM in that sector, their current share price assumes a worst case scenario in my humble opinion.
My knowledge of the tech industry is limited, but I see HP as a good long term buy at current prices.
Excellent move Dr. Barclay. It will pay as soon as Mr. Market gets more rational!
Thanks for your article Bret. I really enjoyed you analysis and I had not factored in the growing influence of Bing.
Thanks for the article, I had not seen the upside in MSFT partially coming from a good performance in search. Great point.
I really enjoyed the article, I think all these unprofitable social media companies are really overvalued. I wouldn't touch them with a stick.
Comparing the price of a share of Exxon with the price of the ounce of gold; that is pretty unexpected. It gives a neutral perspective of the XOM share compared to the global economic output.
I have been considering buying Exxon for a while, but with this article, by personal analysis makes a bit more sense with this new point of view
Interesting valuation method. Based on fundamentals and accounting for the effect that markets can have one securities prices.
I really enjoyed that article.
Time proved you right yankees71.
As you may have noticed I am not a regular follower of AIG, so this event came as a surprise for me.
Thanks for your feedback!
Does anyone have any idea as to when the new GM will be created?
I have assessed bright long term perspectives for both FFH and RIMM and I am long on them. It's good to see I am not the only one to see value there.
I took a look at your instablog and the content is pretty interesting, I'll stay updated.
On May 26 11:36 AM Graham and Dodd Investor wrote:
> Dear Young Grahamite:
> I like Microsoft stock, even though I have to "bend" my Graham and
> Dodd rules to own it, using a formula I call "modified investment
> value."
> Older people like me are glad to see younger investors take an interest
> in Ben Graham's philosophy and methodology. Would you like to "train"
> with me by becoming a follower?
Very good analysis Felix, I did not see it that way when I was reading the book...
Very interesting, if you are right, thank God for equities.
The bad news is that they now stopped the dividend, but I'm pretty sure that once they get retrained earnings, they will distribute it.
I had analyzed it on my blog.
Whatever the conclusion, I am long ALDA since january and it pays.
I remain confident, as a long term investor, it is undervalued at current prices.
It is a good thing the author noticed that fast that this is the first bond offering ever made by Microsoft, I had made an article about it on my blog.
I had also considered it using the M&M theorem II and clearly noticed the clear tax advantage for the company. But the reasons they implied for the use of the money simply dazzled me... mostly considering their $20 billion position.
I don't think we have to worry about Microsoft's future.