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  • Uni-Pixel: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words [View article]
    Whether they are pixels or part of the cover is irrelevant. The fact is that they are there, yet we are still buying the displays and don't seem to have a problem with the pattern.

    UniBoss consists of a mesh that is much more difficult to detect, and it is arranged to blend with the pixels, that's why the display looks so good when shown in demos. That's also why the Mirae product at 10 micron looks so good on the shelves of BestBuy in Samsung's 23". It works and it looks good and that's why you have engineers from so many multi-billion dollar companies behind it.

    The nonsense in this article just distracts from the real issue which is whether or not UNXL can produce it in commercial quantities. Time will give us our answer on this subject.
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  • Uni-Pixel: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words [View article]
    If your picture is worth a thousand words then this one is probably worth ten thousand

    My current display has a much more visible mesh than UniBoss.
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  • Musings On Minneapolis: Uni-Pixel Is Moving... Backwards [View article]
    Keubiko, you seem ready to believe that LG Chem can produce at 3 microns and so incredulous at the prospect of UniPixel producing at 6 microns. Kind of funny.

    LG is still in the lab with their new product. They're where UniPixel was last year with UniBoss. As we all know, there's a long road ahead.

    BTW, this isn't a race to 1 micron. As you go smaller you run into resistance issues and this introduces other problems. Once you achieve sufficient transmissivity levels, you likely do more harm than good by pushing for smaller line widths. Since we've seen 10 micron lines appear work very well on the shelves at Best Buy from an optical perspective, I think UNXL is in good shape at 6 micron +/-.

    Competition is always important to monitor, but for the next couple years all metal mesh providers will be in the same place more or less. They'll all be trying to ramp production to meet a massive onslaught of demand. UniPixel's main focus is on meeting that demand, not what LG is creating in its lab.
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  • Musings On Minneapolis: Uni-Pixel Is Moving... Backwards [View article]
    I'm guessing that I know who you spoke with based on the commentary. Kodak was an excellent choice for UNXL given Kodak's expertise in commercial film production. An Asian partner would have been more difficult for logistical and competitive reasons. Metal mesh is disrupting the touch panel supply chain so working with an established leader is going to be far less important.

    LG Chem is interesting to watch but they have their own problems and they are behind UNXL if we're comparing their new product.
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  • Musings On Minneapolis: Uni-Pixel Is Moving... Backwards [View article]
    This is the best short article on UNXL ever published on SA. You didn't try to tell us that there's hardly any market in touch sensors. You didn't tell us that the PC OEM doesn't exist. You didn't try to tell us that UniPixel cannot show UniBoss in a demo unit, or that UniPixel doesn't even make UniBoss, or that most of the members of the company's management team have convicted of fraud. We can understand your arguments and how you support them, so you have distinguished yourself from every other short author on this board.

    I don't agree with you that the company is stuck in reverse, but I can understand why a short would point out the inconsistent commentary from management. The fact is that the company is working through production ramp-up right now. This is a highly fluid situation where yields aren't stable - the introduction of new testing and process control measures can cause wide swings. It's not surprising or alarming to hear them give conflicting views at different moments in time.

    I disagree that Street estimates are wildly aggressive, but I agree that timing the revenue ramp is very tricky. If UniPixel and Kodak can commercialize this product on the timetable supplied by management then Street estimates are very conservative. Just look at the models and see for yourself. The Street has left plenty of room to increase numbers if the company executes to plan.

    I guess your real point is that they won't execute to plan - that they will fail to commercialize this product just as they failed to fully commercialize TMOS or FPR. This is a sound argument and I think that all of us longs appreciate and understand it. In fact, most long articles note that this is the crux of the "real" short story while noting that the bulk of the short stories are just noise.

    None of us knows whether UniBoss will be successfully commercialized. You don't try to tell us that you know the answer, and I appreciate that. In my opinion, UniPixel and Kodak will make it work, but the timing is uncertain.

    What UniPixel is attempting is very much on the bleeding edge of flexoprint and thin film electronic technology. The only people who have a good idea about the viability of the process are the engineers working on it. The fact that Kodak is spending its precious resources on this technology tells me that they see something there, and they feel it can be brought to market. They understand this technology much better than any investor - long or short. Time will tell.
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  • UniPixel Shares Take One On The Chin [View article]
    Right here Stil. I responded appropriately to all ridiculous claims, and showed how those claims were often blatant lies.
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  • UniPixel Shares Take One On The Chin [View article]
    Jameskm, I'd prefer to see the company ramping production. They've had quite a bit of time to refine and calibrate production and they seem ready to go. At this point, I'd rather them produce while tinkering with the process as they go. Nonetheless, I'm sure you're right that there will be certain advantages to having the delay. Thk u for the comment.
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  • Kodak Doesn't Think Much Of UniBoss, So Why Should You? [View article]
    Thank you, Jackrlamb. Appreciate the confirmation from Rochester.
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  • UniPixel Shares Take One On The Chin [View article]
    Mukcat, you need to read the release a bit more thoroughly. The milestone payment was the first from the ecosystem partner. I believe they are due two more from the PC partner, and have more to come from the ecosystem partner as well.

    The company never said they wouldn't raise capital. Again, you need to carefully re-read what they actually said.

    You can speculate all you want about the timing of the release. No harm in that.

    Best of luck to you.
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  • UniPixel Shares Take One On The Chin [View article]
    Thanks Aristides,

    And a wise man once told me "substence" is spelled "substance." I don't think I need to undermine you.
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  • UniPixel Shares Take One On The Chin [View article]
    Silence, unless you work for Dell, you have no way of knowing the company's strategy on product refresh cycles and the components they use for individual models in those refreshes. You completely discredit yourself by concluding that UniBoss can't be ready because Dell will produce computers with other sensors. You don't have information to support that claim.

    I listen to a lot of people on this name, but I don't listen to people who fail to use good logic.
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  • Kodak Doesn't Think Much Of UniBoss, So Why Should You? [View article]
    Because Kodak didn't file an 8-k and didn't change their financial projections means they don't think much of the transaction? It takes a pretty vivid imagination to get from point A to point B in your argument. You also need to be willing to ignore a lot of facts.

    A) Kodak entered into the transaction. Would a company in bankruptcy proceedings waste time, money, and human capital on something they thought was irrelevant?

    B) Kodak's CEO called it a "major advance" for one of their most important businesses.

    C) Kodak had to get the transaction approved by the bankruptcy judge. That bankruptcy judge isn't going to let Kodak spend millions of creditor's dollars on an enterprise that isn't very important, or that doesn't have a good chance at success.

    D) Engineers and other Kodak employees with whom I and others have spoken think highly of the partnership's prospects.

    I can understand how you might come to the wrong conclusion if your nose is buried in bankruptcy filings and 8-ks, and these constitute your main sources of information. However, if you talk with some people who are close to the situation you'll hear that Kodak is extremely excited about the transaction - to the point that they believe it provides the key avenue for future growth.
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  • UniPixel Shares Take One On The Chin [View article]
    Bazooka, It all depends on your personal tolerance for risk. I think it's a good buy for a long-term investor who understands the risks inherent in the story. The upside potential hasn't been diminished.
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  • UniPixel: There Will Be Blood [View article]
    Hi, I know that UniBoss has held up under various environmental tests including extreme temperature tests.

    The problem with extreme cold is that users frequently wear gloves in that kind of environment. Unless the gloves are specially made, they serve as an insulator which means a normal pro-cap touch screen won't work very well.

    It was interesting that on the last call Reed mentioned that an auto supplier was looking at UniBoss. The auto vertical puts touch panels through very rigorous temperature testing - much more so than PC manufacturers from what I understand. I would have thought that these tests would have precluded UniBoss from serious consideration, but I was wrong. Maybe they're able to make UniBoss work based on proximity rather than direct touch. It would require more power which would mean a lower signal-to-noise ratio, but perhaps they figured a way to engineer a solution. I don't know.

    Neonode has done very well with auto because the optical solution holds up well in these tests.
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  • UniPixel: Hey Citron, Where's The Beef? [View article]
    I guess we can now add one more lie to our ever-growing list of short stories. The WSJ has published a statement from Alvarez Marsal denying the information attributed to the firm in yesterday's Citron report. According to Alvarez, Citron is really just making this stuff up. I was a little too generous with Citron in my analysis.

    Here's the PR
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