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business101: please feel free to read something else more interesting/enlighteni... Unless, of course, somebody is forcing you to read this, in which case the numbers 9-1-1, used in that order on your telephone, may come in handy.
1. pcmcmullen100: You say attacks, I say coherent exposition of the significant risks facing this company...that's what makes a market. Oh, and the hominems in question are supposed to be running the company, and the evidence of the last 12 months is that they are doing an award-winning job of it.
2. Lavrentii: Please brush up on your comprehension skills. As disclosed, NakedShorts Falling Anvil portfolio remains LONG MF.
Apart from "abusing [his] anonymity" as noted by commenter ozzi above, mf101 has issues with his basic reading skills. To whit(less):
Disclosure: NakedShorts’ Falling Anvil portfolio remains long MF.
NakedShorts was long MF when he wrote the article, and thanks to last week's humblage (see Tuesday, Jul. 18), is now even more long. Go figguh. His position in the company should not be confused with his position on its over-compensated, under-performing Chief Nabob.
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Jul. 20 2008