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  • Texas Instruments: An Undervalued Bet Compared To Its Peers [View article]
    Thanks for the article. I thought that most of the cuts came from the US especially in the Dallas area where most of their Embedded Processing folks are. I also feel that they will not win the Automotive business. Because there as a huge overlap in image processing, computer vision and algorithms between Auto and the cellphone business. However, engineers are leaving TI in big numbers and their auto business will not survive.

    Intel, Freescale, Nvidia and Qualcomm would additionally put pressure on TI and with the key players gone, TI will have to let go of the automotive business in less than two years.
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  • Where Will Qualcomm's Growth Come From? [View article]
    Licensing is going to come down. CDMA is coming down and Qualcomm's share of the patent pool for LTE and LTE-A isn't as exciting. Companies like LG, Samsung and others have a significant share there.

    Separately - QTL does come about as a result of QCT (indirectly) because Qualcomm isn't a passive patent assertion entity (also called patent trolls by many). They have patents and power to license those because they were busy engineering chipsets that happened to produce technology worth patenting and licensing. So if for any reason, QCT doesn't do well then future licensing streams may also come under fire.

    Qualcomm realizes this and that has why has been working in areas like IoT or medical life sciences and display technologies. I am surprised that they haven't tried to make any biggish acquisitions after Atheros.
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  • Factors That Will Drive Broadcom's Growth In 2014 [View article]
    BRCM has no steam left. Look at any period - 3 month, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year and compare to other major semiconductor stocks like Qualcomm, TI, Nvidia etc. and you will see that Broadcom isn't doing well at all. They just don't have the cash flow, GAAP profits and even revenue growth to command a respectable P/E.
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  • Canon Can't, Unfortunately [View article]
    I think a bit differently - the biggest challenge is how to take on smartphones? Should they supply lenses and sensors for smartphones? Should they make custom chips (called ISP for Image Signal Processors) that produce better pictures in smartphones? Fujitsu makes them for Samsung phones so perhaps Canon make variations of their Digic series.

    Separately, the printer business is also not growing so how do you take the growth of online business and communication? These are bigger issues than the megapixel and WiFi and aperture/zoom considerations.

    I am a shareholder but not buying more because I haven't seen them come out with anything new/innovative. Things are only delta improvements lately. Next gen of products which can't make up for the fall in revenue from their main line of businesses.
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  • Where Will Qualcomm's Growth Come From? [View article]
    Thanks for the article.

    The biggest competition is Mediatek in the low end of phones especially when it comes to baseband modem.

    For apps processor, the competition is Apple, Samsung Exynos, Nvidia and to some extent Intel and Broadcom. The Internet of Things is unclear. Margins are low and not sure what the killer app is. Too fragmented right now.

    Remember that Qualcomm has some wasted efforts too like Mirasol and Pixtronix. Display technologies that have gone nowhere. Also the smartphones are becoming good enough for users so the refresh cycle is slowing down in developed world while the developing economies with no carrier subsidies prefer cheaper phones that have Mediatek and Spreadtrum/Tsinghua chips in them.

    I don't expect to see more than 10% year-on-year growth going forward.
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  • Tesla: We've Got Some Numbers For February [View article]
    This is the key thing for me, personally. Tesla cars are great vehicles and drive well. They have a different business model compared to other car manufacturers. However, I haven't yet found any technological benefit or key innovation. That is what bothers me.

    Yes, there is a lot of a value in implementing and executing well but I wouldn't put them in the bucket of visionary innovators. To me, Tesla is pure executing, pent up demand and subtle marketing. No innovation. This isn't like of those impressive tech startups from MIT, Stanford or the likes.
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  • No Other Vendor For Dividends; The National Oilwell Varco Story [View article]
    Abba - Thanks for the article.

    Hawker - What fund rules? Do you think the two companies will be sufficiently different that some mutual fund would need to sell these companies?

    I was thinking of selling NOV right now and buying the separate companies later. Have you considered this plan?
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  • CEVA: A Good Time To Buy [View article]
    Are there other companies that license DSP cores? TI stopped doing that. If there is no one else then it could be a good thing for Ceva. But it could also mean that the business isn't worth supporting two technology providers which is a bit disconcerting.
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  • Seadrill: Why This Stock Is Undervalued And Should Be Owned By Every Investor [View article]
    Adam - Is North Atlantic Drilling an MLP?
    Also, who builds these rigs for Seadrill, Transocean and Diamond Offshore? They may reap the benefits as well, correct?
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  • Why The Ukrainian Crisis Matters To Fertilizer Stock Investors [View article]
    Thanks Chris. I too am looking forward to hearing from you about Yara's results. Thanks!
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  • Netflix Content Expenses Continue To Skyrocket [View article]
    Thanks for the article. I am short Netflix but doubt that I will make money on it:

    - I think a $2 price increase will be sucked up most subscribers like me. $10 per month is still very cheap to get stupid TV shows and keep kids happy. BTW my household has Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and DirecTV subscriptions as well and we do rent from Redbox kiosks as well. Sad but true.
    - There is a lot of scope for subscriber growth in the US and international markets
    - There is no viable alternative at all. No one comes close to Netflix even though their movie selection is very limited
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  • Fresh New Ideas From The U.K. For Dividend Growth Investors [View article]
    Thanks Eric. This is a great list for me to investigate over the weekend. Appreciate your response.
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  • Fresh New Ideas From The U.K. For Dividend Growth Investors [View article]
    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your comment. I had never looked at IG Group and will take a look though I typically am never able to understand financial/trading firms. I recently wrote 3 other articles on stocks from the UK. Do you monitor any of those?

    Or anything else from Europe that is fairly valued? Best,
    Feb 12 01:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Abbott Labs Has A Safe Dividend Yield [View article]
    Good point, but I think the key is which stock to buy now that will show the same growth in next 80 years? I don't think ABT can provide the same explosive total returns for next 80 years, can it? Obviously, no one knows but what are some of the best bets?
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  • Fresh New Ideas From The U.K. For Dividend Growth Investors [View article]
    Hello Martin Frosa,

    Take a look at my 3 previous articles on stocks from the UK. SSE was included in one of them at:

    This one is about lesser followed stocks. So what else do you think could be an omission?
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