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Never mind, based on what I found, I believe 0.73 EPS is for the Holdco, which is good and consistent with your analysis.
One quick question to clarify: EPS from fund management: is this from Opco or Holdco? If it is from Opco, the real EPS to Holdco will be only 22.1%*0.73=0.16, which is drastically smaller. In fact, taking 10 multiple to 0.16 would give you 1.6 and adding this to 8.38 would give about current price 10!
SA editor changed the title, current title is misleading. It should be "Using momentum strategy for 7 buy and hold forever stocks". Right now, it sounds like holding momentum stocks forever.
Anyone cares to comment why MA had two quarters of loss in 2008? I knew it was in the midst of crisis, but people still needed to use their plastics, right?
Mastercard, visa and amex are all plastic + networks and then toll collectors. Good business to be in for long time. Wonder why MA had a big negative ROE in 2008?
oops, I guess they meant before Fiona (the woman is now running for senator in CA) and Hurd + the firing squad of the board, what a joke!
Not sure how much of Hewlett and Packard culture is left these days. I'm not an employee and know nothing about HP's internal, just wonder.
Wonder why little has been written on 401K. This is refreshing. Keep it coming.
So you are trying to say that people should pick funds in the assets that are doing well? Not quite clear on how the system works.
The U.S. should start to have a new new deal: build/upgrade our out dated infrastructure like telecom, wireless, railroad, energy and even agriculture. I just don't see any substantial 'stimulus' money into these new projects: they create jobs, they will payoff long term etc. In stead, we poured money to troubled banks and welfare entitlement, pathetic!
That rotation over styles does work: I have used some form for over five years with good results. The only question: what are the possible styles to begin with: it is a real headache in ETFs: some of them are thinly traded and some of them are overlapped, not pure style. Any thought on this?
On the other hand, look at Shiller and Tobin's Q It is 30%+ over valued. It would be helpful if someone or you have data on how well they would perform if used as signals as Buffett's.
And junk bonds are still standing well. In bond markets, this is one of the last shoes to be dropped.
So with this new normal, what should we do for investment? Just simply holding stocks and bonds static would get us nowhere in the coming 5 years. The article by validfi on SA is one of few that make good sense: we just have to be active and learn some more strategies. Good time is behind us, relying on the almighty USA locomotive is probably not very useful for us citizens any more.