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ABOUT offers top buy & sell picks based on the collective or Consensus Picks' of over 330 of our hand-picked top hedge & mutual fund managers, incl. 78 legendary or guru fund managers, 27 of the world's largest or mega funds, 165 sector-focused funds (in gold, biotech, tech, energy, consumer, finance & REITs), 59 billionaires, 54 new masters and 40 tiger, 52 shareholder activist and our Winners Circle Top 100 Performing Hedge Fund Managers (updated quarterly). We offer market-beating tools and services including Consensus Picks' DIY Tools, Top 20 Small-Cap and Top 30 All-Cap Long/Short Newsletters based on the Consensus Picks system, and Trade Alert Services for Self & Auto-Trading. All of our ...More

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  • Description: Small business owner. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
COMPANY Get Stock Picks From A 'Mastermind' of Wall St. Gurus Benefit from the Stock Picking Prowess of Over 300 Leading Hedge & Mutual Fund Managers. Our system scans, tracks & analyzes the latest buying & selling by 300 of our hand-picked top fund managers, organized in six fund groups, and ranks 5,300 stocks ...More
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