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Jhooper: Of course. Pre-req for pilitcos is to be able to spin everything as the fault of someone else.
One of my favorite examples is the denial by B. Frank et al (N.B. it wasn't just Dems either!) of culpbility in any degree for the housing/credit problems we came through when they forced banks to start making loans in bad areas.
The banks, rationally enough, came up with a system over time to transfer the unacceptable risk away from themselves through derivatives like CDOs and MBSs.
Pols never seem to get the difference between mandating equality of outcome vs. equality of opportunity and letting the basic capitalist system provide the latter with no more than the necessary government nudges.
Of course, it's not as simple as that sounds, but the guiding principle is.
When I first saw this it touched me deeply because of the sorrow he expressed when he found he had been doing the wrong thing!
Ted Talk by Allan Savory, 22 minutes.
Worth watching by everyone.
P.S. One of the reasons I also have concerns about large solar farms - the changes the shading may cause.
The sad part is Obama's EPA will probably jump all over that w/o giving a second though to the loss of the natural cycle of returning nutrients to the soil.
A few decades and we have more dust bowls.
Many years ago I posted a comment spoofing this very thing when they were stupidly jabbering about forcing farmers to capture and sequester the methane or take other steps to amelirate the effects of cor farts.
It involved a Capstone C-30 (or C-15 which was available for a little while) attached to the backside of each cow, accidents when they returned to the barn, etc.
I slayed myself.
WSJ and others report OPEC members ready to start talks re production controls - DOW bounces up.
P.S. Per a UAE oil minister - no other confirmation of it.
WWT: Excellent analogy, and it has another similarity too.
IIRC, one of nature's ways of "refreshing" the land are the naturally occuring fires that clear old, possibly diseased, and "self choking" growth and deadwood.
This lets younger more vibrant seedlings that sprout up, after some period, have access to all the sunshine, water and nutrients, resulting in new fresh lush growth for years and decades.
Theoretically, pure capitalism has a similar process as companies and/or industries suffer stress, go under, their resources are re-allocated, etc.
What we've effectively done by completely preventing this is stopped the re-invigoration of some major portions of the capitalist system. And we worsened it by watering and feeding what we saved so that the more vigorous "seedlings" and remaing "strong" fauna have greater difficulty.
BTW, UTX sending about 2.1K jobs to Mexico.
Not related I guess, but distressing to me and the Indiana folks losing their jobs and maybe retirement.
JHooper: Yes, CNBC reported a 1.54% IIRC.
Great find WWT.
My ol' associative processor kicked in and wondered if this might validate what we heard from so many corners back in '09 when the government(s) and our Fed embarked on thier "crusade" to save "The World" (i.e. moneyed interests vested in assets - not the working class of course).
The mantra was that defering the pain of adjustment and restructuring via re-allocation of capital, a normal process in a recession as weak companies fail, would make the ultimate adjustment, which is ineveitable, much more painful.
Well, here we are about 7 years later and with 7 seven years of mis-allocation due to "free money" and there appears to be a restructuring underway.
I don't know enough to state this is true, but it sure seems like there's at least correlation between the warnings and what is now occurring. Of course this doesn't mean causation, but ...
Anyway, great article and chart - thank you.
Well, maybe in consideration for how we've helped him out he'll give us a free subscription to his Interest Rate Observer. ;-))
BTW: here's the video: http://cnb.cx/1osLBwM
P.S. There's 2 parts with a break between - don't miss the second.
Jim Grant, just now on CNBC says he thnks we're already in a recession, began late last year.
Video s/b available in about an hour.
He was discussing "The Great & The Good" that control our systems, and their hubris, and that feel they can impose their goals upon the markets (e.g. CBs deposit money directly into government and individual accounts, dispensing with the currecy systems altogether).
So good to "see" you TB!
All more-or-less back on track?
D.G. Take care of # 1 first
Domo arigato for the effort.
Maya: ETrades Power ETrade Pro's chart offers both price and time Fibonacci's. Their web site charting, on the research page, has a *lot* of indicators available but I didn't see Fibs there.
Well done Maya!
"Super Bowl? What is?"
A large crystal bowl big enough to catch and hold for recycling all the beer spiiled by the attendees from the 3rd quarter onward such that the attendees favoring the losing team can cheaply drown their sorrows as they can no longer afford to buy beer after they pay their friends on their losing bets.
Any othe Q's, jusht ask - I'm s'happy to 'splain it to anuy and all them .. those ... Oh well - you know what I shmean, minch, ... meant!
;-) Hic!
SHB: Per some TFH theorists that blame all CBs for everything, it's the banks that make the wars possible becuse they are so profitable for the banks as they finance all the armaments on both sides of the fray.
But they also think that all are controlled, directly or indirectly, by the Rothschilds, IIRC.
They offer citations of various sorts to support their claims, but it sure seems far-fetched for tody's world. Might have had some validity in the past I guess.
"Inflationary Tsunami Early Warning"
I found it an informative read, although we've been hearing so many types of bears (inflationistas) over the last 9 years, regarding monetary policy, I have a hard time believing this one is any more right than the others we've heard from.
Bears abound but maybe this one has hit on something substantive?
"My colleague Alan Newman of Crosscurrents writes: margin debt was as high as 3.09% of GDP at the end of April, by far the highest since 1929."
"Why The Next 2 Years Could Be Worse Than 2008"
"sorry - gotta post a note to clear the notification comments...."
DigDeep I have had the same problem for months - don't know why and have soured so much on SA tech support I've not even bothered telling them about it.
Anyway, here's something you can do, if so desired, to clear the erroneous comments flags.
1. Post a short, but not *too* short, comment and immediately
2. click edit
3. click delete the post
4. confirm delete.
It does get tiresome doing that though.
As to the rest of your post, thumbs up!
"UQM Technologies' (UQM) CEO Joseph Mitchell on Q3 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript"
A real concern D.G. that should've been scientifically investigated and resolved long before commercialization commenced.
That's just not the way we do these things I guess.
"UQM Technologies Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2016 Revenues up 59% over Last Year"
UQM Technologies (NYSEMKT:UQM): FQ3 EPS of -$0.03 in-line.
Revenue of $1.3M (+54.8% Y/Y) misses by $0.21M.
JHooper: The timing of all that sets up very nicely as well for the "Sell in May and go away" behavior that is apparently so common.
So I think the market may have a bigger negative reaction than the numbers would suggest.
"Window Dressing" ends after March, removing some of the support from the market as well.
"Biggest part of economy growing at slowest pace in two years, ISM finds"
And the contrarian view ...
"ADP private-sector report suggests solid jobs growth despite market turmoil"
Related: RBOB march contract down 9 cents - $1.50/gal gsoline on the horizon?
Well, now they plan on genetically modifying the mosquito to produce sterile males that could seriously deplete the mosquito vector in about 9 months.
Let's hope they don't do the same to humans! =>8-O
Here 'tis ...
"More losses ahead"
Listen to the following one too, by Bob Pisani.
This ought to tell us all something.
First decline in five years.
"Car auction sales decline"
Carter Worth has something to pay attention to also, but video not up yet.
Hint: Last occurrence just before "The Great Recession".
I'll post when available.
"questions are foremost in your mind"
Foremost is the global economy and then US$ strength.
The applications are certainly there, but if the economy doesn't generally improve globally, and if the US $ stays excessively strong, it's a tough row to hoe for all the commodity plays, as we've been seeing.
So my "timing" attempt will be based more on global econonomic improvement much more than pps. A strengthening global economy should start to cut the legs from under the excessive strength of the US $ - not looking for a collapse, just a return to more globabl currency balance.
Part of what will delay that latter is all the CBs but ours are looking to weaken their currencies and stimulate their economies. If U.S. Fed stays the course, even if no additional rate increases, the U.S. $ will probably hold it's strength for quite a while.
Do keep in mind that I *am* relatively new to all this stuff and my assessments may easily be well off the mark.
I've been in Edmund and got out before we got the absurdly low levels, but still at a loss.
Am now working on when I want to re-enter.
Apps can be uninstalled Freya, very similar to Win 7. As I *think* I mentioned in my liking of W10, removing those was one of the things I did on initial set up.
MSFT has always delivered unwanted software and I have always removed quite a bit of it.
That's nice D Lane. I suspect many had no awareness of UQM.