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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    P.S. The login procedure seems not to be always needed. maybe some "cookies" left on my computer that obviates the need for that.

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  • Stock ideas for 2011 [View instapost]
    (CPST): A new unannounced as yet product is available. Comment and links at

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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    (CPST): With thanks to Darpavader at InvestorVillage for the link.

    A new product is available, but yet unannounced, incorporating the Calnetix waste heat generation technology purchased last year. It incorporates multiple C65s with the WHG 125 (the former Calnetix product) and is dubbed the C500 HE System 331061A.

    This adds to the already respectable efficiency of the Capstone line and I anticipate, since the WHG 125 is a skid-mounted add-on, that it will be adapted to other of the current product lines.

    Additionally, the WHG 125 can be used sans other Capstone products to generate electricity from the waste heat of many other processes, including diesel IC engines, boiler systems, etc.

    If you want to view the technical details and a high-level schematic, a couple of PDFs can be found by the following process.

    Go to and click on the "Login as Guest" button at the bottom of that page.

    In the search box at the upper left, enter "C500" and click the "Search" button.

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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    I've been watching the Republican Buget Committee on C-Span on one of my computers.

    Paul Ryan chairs it. They are talking some *serious* money there.

    All the admendments submitted by Dems for increases were defeated *mostly* along party lines. Many belonged in the appropriations committee.

    Of real interest to me were the amendments related to police and fire protection funding. This was the only one I noted having a split amongs the Dems. And that was on the basis of a state, like NJ which is the amendment author's state, being a net donor. A fellow Dem from NJ spoke against it on the basis that these should be locally funded functions and whatever happened to the concept of "Federalism". He didn't want money taken from NJ communities and sent to other states, feeling that the NJ money should remain to fund NJ functions.

    I'll tell you, this is going to be an interesting and emotional process, as demonstrated during discussion of that item that caused a rift in two Dems from the same state.

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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 6, 2011 [View instapost]
    So far, just reading everything I can on the web.

    One of the useful, IMO, general beginning places is investopedia.

    For a little more advanced, I really like Bulkowski's stuff

    I plan on buying all his books.

    I've had to learn patience too. The thing to watch for, for me, is to avoid letting patience cause me to ignore technically identified trends that might kill me and, OTOH, causing to wait to long to enter - assuring myself that the trend is really going to last.

    A hard balancing act for me.

    Congrats on AVL - I need to start doing more stuff like that.

    My Power ETrade Pro platform has a strategy scanner that I looked at long ago but wasn't yet educated enough to utilize. I've been thinking that I might have progressed to the point of looking at it again. But it's day-trade oriented, so I'll be looking to see if I can adapt it to my strategy.

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  • Stock ideas for 2011 [View instapost]
    (CPST): over in the QC is a comment that links to video of a Wrightspeed conversion of an Isuzu delivery truck to an EV with a Capstone range-extender.

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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    (CPST): As some may recall Wrightspeed,

    recently got a grant to open their factory. They use Capstone turbines for range extender and are targeting class 3 - 7 trucks initially.

    Below is a link to a video that shows an Isuzu truck (a popular local deliver vehicle) conversion.

    And if you've not seen the Wrightspeed videos, it's worth a visit to their site too. His street-legal single-seater sport prototype kicks a$$ on some very impressive competition on the race tracks. Also has a video of driving on the streets.

    Wrightspeed's DDS conversion is a totally different animal from the Class 8 conversion done by Artisan and from the Capstone drive solution. Wrightspeed uses UQM motors and his own software and control systems while the others use Parker Hannifin motors and control systems.

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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 6, 2011 [View instapost]
    Yes and no. As mentioned, I'm new. Started learning just a couple years ago.

    *Nothing* is easy in this market.

    I'm improving. But I avoid day trading. I want to get stocks that if I'm too slow to cut losses I can hold and wait.

    What makes it really tough, depending on which stock, is the manipulation. No matter what anyone says, the market is rigged on the side of the "dealers", just like Vegas.

    But for a stock like you mention, allowing yourself a little leeway (i.e. don't try and get the absolute tops or bottoms), you should be able to make some successful trades.

    Just be cautious and work from smaller positions up to larger ones as your learning and confidence improve. And remember that being a trader requires that you *will* take losses. Your job will be to mange them such that all your losses are small and, in aggregate, don't wipe out your profits. Of course, you want you profits to be large! :-))

    I've gotten very good at managing my losses (and there are very few now) but still need lots of work on letting big runs give me more profits.

    I've made small profits several times on (GWMGF) and (LYSCF) and missed large profits on both.

    Day trading is really easier, but you have to put more capital in your accounts to meet FINRA regs and I'm not ready to do that.

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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    I expect the presentation will be substantially the same as the earlier one. If you listen to it - it gets pretty technical - you'll get a sense of the parameters within which the company is targeting its product.

    The next presentation gets a new audience, so even though the presentation might be quite similar, it could add to the crowd that believes the company is worthwhile.

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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    (THLD): Still in. Trying to do better at capturing more of the upside, which has been my weak point thus far. That presents an additional risk, in and of itself!

    Since 3/30, riding a trend support up ~4c/day. A potential resistance begun 3/11 intersects that support today, making an apex of a triangle, or pennant if you will.

    Yesterday pps moved above that resistance and closed above it. Today we stayed completely above it and the support lines - a potentially good sign.

    The low has never broken the rising support ... *yet*.

    Today shows a little weakness, but I think it's the Friday effect.

    Two days in a row it's penetrated a flat 50 day SMA and retreated. But it's making higher lows and highs still.

    Last two days penetrated a weak resistance @ $1.88 and retreated, but that's not of concern for me ATM. The 50 day SMA ($1.90 today) is more significant and the rising support line.

    Trading range seems to run ~$0.12-$0.18 intra-day, so keep that in mind. And the high usually happens in the A.M and tails off to a low later and then comes back to center or above, many days.

    Target is ~$1.97-~$2.04, where we have a gap that should resist penetration.

    The support(s) you want to watch are $1.73 today and $1.77. The first is a slightly older support, rising ~3c/day. The second is the current trend support, rising ~4c/day.

    As long as we keep making higher lows and highs and don't *close* below one of those two and volume stays reasonable, it should continue to rise.

    If I see any change, I'll holler.

    HOLLER! ;-))

    Stochastic rolled over, but is still overbought. I'm not bailing yet because it could be a Friday effect.

    As much as chartists like to think nothing but the chart needs consideration, you do need to know what day of the week it is ... and a few other pertinent factoids too!

    OK. We did close above those two support lines,on weaker volume. But again, it's Friday, so we can't put a lot of emphasis on that volume yet.

    We also closed below the open, another Friday effect I *think*.

    On the positive side, OBV & MFI are still rising and RSI and momentum are still slightly better than neutral even with today's slight weakening.

    So, with mixed indicators, keeping a close eye on it if you're trading. If doing longer-term, don't need to watch so closely.

    Keep 4/15 on your radar - presentations often cause pops.


    I hope this helps,
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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 6, 2011 [View instapost]
    IMO, because it's not one of the "hot money" targets yet.

    It's trading a sideways channel as longer-term oriented folks move in and out of it as it trades between (mostly) ~$0.83-~$0.93.

    Being of that ilk, when it nears $0.83 I'll look to see if charts says it's going to tick up again and buy, if so.

    Near $0.93, take a look-see and take profit on some so on the next low I can add more.

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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 6, 2011 [View instapost]
    Looks like money has started rotating back into the sector.

    This A.M, basic materials is the best sector and metal-mining (I don't know why I kept saying non-metallic the other day) is the 3rd best industry in the sector, + 1.12%.

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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 6, 2011 [View instapost]
    (LYSCF), (LYSDY): S&P ASX +0.62% and Lynas +6.69%. 20 day SMA ~$2.14 and rising, volume holding fairly steady.

    Currency conversion would give us a price of US$2.683, but a rise of equivalent percentage would put us at US$2.76.

    In the U.S. market, nothing's changed technically, so I have no additional comments.

    Here's last evening's ASX results.

    U.S. A.M. 4/5.......... 4/6.......... 4/7.......... 4/8
    Last..... 2.520..... 2.430..... 2.390...... 2.550
    $+/-..... 0.120... -0.090... -0.040...... 0.160
    Bid....... 2.520..... 2.430..... 2.390...... 2.540
    Offer.... 2.530..... 2.440..... 2.400...... 2.550
    Open... 2.480..... 2.500..... 2.400..... 2.500
    High..... 2.630..... 2.530..... 2.480..... 2.560
    Low..... 2.480..... 2.430..... 2.370..... 2.490
    Vol. 52.013M 32.139M 31.777M 33.329M

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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 6, 2011 [View instapost]
    For me, it's part of the learning curve.

    The memory is still strong of all those "blue chips" I owned, and rode all the way down when I was first starting and believed that "buy and hold good solid stocks" was "the right thing to do".

    Well, from that I started learning how we are cheated.

    And from that I decided it would not happen again.

    And from that I determine that speculative stocks require even more nimbleness for *me*.

    And from that I started making small profits and *few* losses.

    As I learn more, I'll probably be able to discriminate more keenly, but until then, I'm a "dancer".

    And I know this style is not for everyone. And not the "best". And not "the most profitable". But it puts my risk on the level I want it at.

    Risk of missing some profit is just fine. Risk of eating huge losses again is not.

    Over time my balance between those extremes will undoubtedly change to something more reasonable.

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  • QuickChat #165, April 7, 2011 [View instapost]
    LoL! To paraphrase a trite cliche, "Warped minds think alike"! :-))

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