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    The short answer is that if the US Dollar de-valuates, TIP's price, along with all other treasures', will decrease. The reason is that investor requires higher return (yield) to be in US$ note/bond. But TIP will suffer much less than pure long-term bonds/treasures.

    Nothing is for certain. The only free lunch is diversification. That's why I am still in TIP even though many people (including me) believe US Dollar might (might in italics) de-valuate in the near future.

    On Jan 20 11:35 AM Teutonic Knight wrote:

    > Quick question for the author and other readers if they could chip
    > in:
    > If the US Dollar indeed (indeed in italics) de-valuates in the near
    > future as some economists suggest that it might happen in the next
    > six months or so, what will happen to TIPS?
    > I raised this question elsewhere but I guess the folks were too occupied
    > to drop me a hint.
    > Thanks for a good article, Mr. Hao Jin.
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  • TIP: The Best Fixed Income Investment, For Now [View article]

    In 2008, total dividend for LQD is $3.07 therefore dividend% is 3.03%. If you create a Portfolio in Yahoo Finance “My Portfolio” tab, add LQD, then “View Detailed”, it will show dividend% of 3.03%.

    Also, dividend details are as follows, which is from Yahoo Finance Historical Prices tab (

    12/29/08 $0.422
    12/1/08 $0.452
    11/3/08 $0.435
    10/1/08 $0.405
    8/1/08 $0.466
    7/1/08 $0.434
    5/1/08 $0.463

    Beta of 2.12 is from Yahoo Finance summary tab lower-right corner (

    On Jan 19 12:49 PM icandoitdon wrote:

    > LQD does not yield 3.03%. it's closer to 5.4%. and where do you get
    > a beta of 2.12?
    > you need to do better research.
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