Harlan Levy

Long/short equity, newspaper business reporter
Harlan Levy
Long/short equity, newspaper business reporter
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Unfortunately ... other than the Internet
Harris has always been an honest commentator, as far as I'm concerned. I've talked to him for many years, and he does see things in a staightforward way with good vision not prejudiced by public relations influences. But that's just my opinion ... and my trees, especially the non-weeping cherry in my front yard, appreciate the buckets of rain we've been getting here in Connecticut almost every weekend this summer, yesterday and today.
margin call, anyone? That's a contraction all right, but it has nothing to do with the economy at this point.
Maybe so. more important: margin call anyone? Anyway, thanks for reading the piece.
Does anyone have skepticism about the Republicans' drastic economic plans -- cutting, cutting, and cutting to the point of forcing serious additional waves of unemployment -- , which many economists think are not only foolish but dangerous, leading to a second recession if they get everything they want, mainly to placate the interests of the rich foks who bankrolled their election to the detriment of the vast majority of average Americans as well as poor Americans?
I agree that the overall picture for those who are not wealthy ... the poor and the middle class ... appears dismal and that it's dismaying to see the ideologues in Congress hypocritically proselytizing about their surefire cures, like immediate massive deficit cuts (to please the wealthy corporate backers who paid for their re-elections) sure to make the economy and the people most in trouble careen over the edge. Congress will survive the wreckage, and the rest of us will spend years trying to mop up. I can't wait for the next election. Of course, this is all my personal view, and I've certainly been wrong before (most notably that shoveling snow won't aggravate a hernia).
Thanks. Mickey is always thoughtful and smart. There are other sensitive questions I wish he'd answer, but of course he can't.
That's why I always appreciate our conversations. In fact we talked about lots more issues, and I will have a "part 2" next week.
Yikes. Can I just go vote, go to the gym for a tough workout, and watch the last two weeks of "Outsourced" without anything bad happening? Sorry. Forget that thought. I just woke up.The nightmare begins now..
Not a bad idea
disgusting is the right word. the distortions, misstatements, and refusals to specify the details of nonsensical proposals by politicians and the ads make a mockery of democracy and insult voters, whom these people obviously think are either stupid or able to be totally influenced by mere repetition. I am very pessimistic about our nation's future when our Congress refuses to make efforts to solve the most serious problems and instead make winning elections as the only priority. will the voters do the right thing and oust these imposters and install people with intellectual integrity, creative ideas, and leadership ability? What do you think?

thanks for your comments. I'll check out your articles.
Good. Making rolls of Charmin kills too many trees, so maybe you just saved one. And your alternative? Just say no? Leaves and grass? Much better economically ... and there's tradition (thousands of years of it), so bravo if that's your bit to save the economy! Also, Andres happens to be a smart guy who is well aware of the ratings scandal..
As I told Damienhaas, I plan on asking economist Lynn Reaser both questions in my next interview which should appear in seeking alpha on Monday or Tuesday. thanks for your comment
I plan on asking economist Lynn Reaser both questions in my next interview which should appear in seeking alpha on Monday or Tuesday. thanks for your comment
I've owned CHK for more than 10 years, and made a ton of money day-trading it, but a few months ago a friend I consdier a superior investor and a manager of a huge fund suggested I take loads of dough out of CHK and spread it around the sector, investing in XTO, GDP, HK, and PXP, where I could have made a whole lot more compared to solely sticking with then slow-moving CHK. Adn that's what I did. Unfortunately, using my usual secret day-trading method that had netted me over $100,000 in cash and $250,000 in paper profits in three months suddenly turned useless, and just like that the roulette wheel that is day-trading turned against me, and I lost all of it and $50,000 more. I then decided to get back into CHK as a sole holding,since I feel I'm safe with the company and being diversified doesn't always work. In fact it truly sucked! So now I'm back long with a manageable margin that I figure will disappear once CHK hits $60 and then it's off to the races again, heading to $100 at which point I'm back to my prior high level. Why such a long story? Just to say to others who diddle around like me in the day-trading world that doing it with CHK can kill you if you're not careful and makes the stock more volatile than it should be, affecting ME!!! So cut it out and learn from an old gambler... whose friend is a wonderful 9-almost 10-year-old Portuguese Water Dog named Zoe.