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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    Hang in there . I've been through this game more times than I care to admit but it's still difficult at times. The most important thing, at least to me, is to keep my emotions in check and look at the company dispassionately. I find that helps in identifying falsehoods from the truth.

    Re: the investigation, SEC fact finding process or whatever else one wants to call it, it's in the initial stages. That means the SEC is in the fact finding phase. To me, that says that it is more like a fishing expedition of but another company of Chinese origin where the fishing part of it is affectionately named, "Chinese spots on the wall." The SEC feels that if you throw enough stuff at a wall maybe some of it will stick....I do hope the short sellers of this summer find that the SEC will not be so kind with them. Hope they are the target. We'll see.

    I personally have never read anything negative about Kandi which would
    indicate wrongdoing. Mistakes yes but wrongdoing no.
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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    Serge...Not that I can see at the moment. But, in the event some company arises in the next year or two it really won't matter anyway. There will be plenty of business for everybody...Maybe Chery?

    There are a couple of key events which need to and will happen at some point in time which will serve as the ultimate catalyst for the lower end of the EV marketplace in China; Kandi's niche.

    The first is the establishment of a car charging standard for all of China by State Grid. We already know their preferred recharging methodology is long-term charging. Making it the standard for all of China is the difficult part, especially when there are politics at play.

    Secondly, the infrastructure necessary for smooth, efficient, and convenient recharging must be accelerated. The biggest challenge confronting the EV industry is one of consumer acc
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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    ....continued response to Serge...Got cut off for some reason.

    ....consumer acceptance of the EV as a convenient and economically feasible replacement for ICE's (internal combustion engines). Governmental policy, national and local, in the areas of promotion and marketing of EV's will remain critical for the forseeable future.

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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    Nothing at all. GS has many different different products that they offer investors within the company. The "wealth fund" you're alluding to is just one of those products. They are all a little bit different
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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    Sorry for the misunderstanding bdwight1...I didn't say that an additional 50 garages will be built in the 1st quarter 2014. What I said was that Kandi projected that there would be a total of 50 garages completed 1st quarter of 2014 (inclusive of the two completed and 18 under various stages of construction end of 2013). I also went on to say that I would be most happy if there were a total of 30 operational by the end of the 1st quarter.

    Re: Kandi's over promising and under delivering you may have a point there. It really doesn't matter. What is extremely important, however, is that we know now that the CarShare business model is operational, growing quickly, and that there is public acceptance and enthusiasm based on the most current media reports coming out of China.

    Btw, sometimes the numbers of garages completed, under construction, and future planning get a bit murky when reading the many different news sources which are currently covering Kandi's launch of the CarShare Program. I am just pleased that the major Chinese media is increasing it's coverage of Kandi and also that the American media has finally recognized Kandi too, including Forbes, LA Times,, Green Car Reports, Bloomberg, CNBC, and many others. This kind of recognition and publicity is, IMO, a primary reason for the recent surge in Kandi's PPS.
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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    ...completing my cut off reply to Cassina

    And, that participation does not take into consideration the tourists, business people, and other visitors to Hangzhou who, IMO, will enthusiastically participate in this program. Be assured that in 2014 there will be garages built at many of the transportation hubs too. That would, of course, include airports and bus stations...

    As more and more of these garages are completed, with continuing local government promotion and support, the program will become more popular. The convenience factor, re accessibility to these garages for Hangzhou's residents, will enhance it's popularity too. I am extremely confidant there will be more than enough participation at the $3.25 per price point per hour to support 100,000 EV's in this program.

    I now digress a bit...

    As I said in my article, Mr Hu and Kandi have planned extremely well in preparation for this CarShare Program. Issues such as traffic congestion, limited parking facilities, accessibility, affordability for the emerging middle class must have been part of the overall plan. The decision of partnering with Geely was outstanding. Remember that Kandi, while having the technology and infrastructure in place for the initial Program's launch, lacked the necessary additional political power, money, and contacts to jump-start the program with the wind behind it's back. Kandi could never have gotten into this position by itself. In 2014 I expect the CarShare footprint throughout China to accelerate dramatically.
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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    Thank you. Your comment/concern regarding the pricing of CarShare is a good one. If there were population constraints regarding the economics of rental on demand I would be concerned too. That, however, is not the case in Kandi's planning for CarShare in Hangzhou. Nor is it a factor in any of the other provinces/cities in what is considered China's "Gold coast" where Kandi has acontracted presence for expansion.

    Let's start with Hanghou. The 2010 population consensus is 8.7 million. It is projected that 100,000 EV's for CarShare will be available by 2017. If one does the simple math, only .01 of the population has to participate in the program. And, that participation doesn't take into consideration
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  • Kandi Technologies: Today And Into The Future [View article]
    Let me clarify...The 19% you refer to is the interest that the JV has in ZZY (owner of the garages). My reference was soley to the EV's supplied to the CarShare Program. I might also add that the operations function of the garages are taken care of by the JV.
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  • Behind The 'Kandi Machine': China's Sweet EV Solution [View article]
    Aaron - I have been remiss in not commending you on your article. You kept it short and "sweet" and have confirmed, at least for me, that a picture (film) is worth a thousand words.
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  • Behind The 'Kandi Machine': China's Sweet EV Solution [View article]
    My original Mutikat reply...unfortunately my comment was cut off before being completed. Here is the rest of it.

    It has never been a "red" line with me, nor should it have been to you, regarding any specific number of garages being completed before the end of the year. Back in July 2013 when we first found out that the first CarShare garage was in it's construction phase I would have been extremely happy to hear, subsequently, that maybe ten (10) of these garages would be completed by year end, instead of the 30-40 projection. If the powers that be followed the "under promise and over deliver" concept of an Elon Musk, all Kandi investors would have been jumping through hoops when hearing that there is a real possibility that twenty (20) would be completed a couple of months later...So here we are, me too, witnessing the unveiling of continued real progress and a hopefully remarkable future.

    Again, the most important factor going forward with Kandi is if the vision of Mr. Hu is becoming reality...and it is. That Kandi has expended large amounts of capital or even had a GAAP loss in the 2nd Quarter 2013 is shortsighted and meaningless at best. That Kandi sold 496 EV's was predictable (My projection was 500). With no subsidies in place during the 2nd Quarter it was an easy call.

    Some detractors will have you believe that quarterly reporting is the end all of how a company is progressing. As in life, there our always two sides to any one story. That's why DD on your part, the reader, requires intensive research into any company you might have interest in as a potential investment. I have and so should you. Then, and only then, can you make a decision which is right for you.

    Lastly, not one to give advice normally, I will make an exception here. Think more about where Kandi is going rather that where it's been. Therein may be your answer.
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  • Behind The 'Kandi Machine': China's Sweet EV Solution [View article]
    Muktikat - Your rather bleak appraisal of Kandi by the numbers, imo, does not take into consideration the obvious cost and effort of launching such an ambitious program. It also doesn't address that any new disruptive technology takes time to be accepted psychologically by the end user, promoted by both central and local governments, and made available with effective distribution channels.

    Because both programs, Long-term Lease and CarShare are revolutionary to China, any necessary refinements in execution are being learned and implemented as each program is rolled out. It's challenges are very much the same as when the BikeShare program was implemented. And, as we know, BikeShare has been an unqualified success, with millions of Chinese participating.

    I am encouraged that the launch is picking up momentum in Hangzhou, with two garages in functional operation and 18 in the construction process. It has never
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  • Kandi Technologies' Visionary Urban Transport Model [View article]
    Excellent eye-witness report. It is always reassuring to see facts on the ground replacing, with certainty, many of the hypotheticals which may or may not be true. Research is important but one's eyes really tell the story.

    It's encouraging to hear Mr. Hu reconfirm his belief that thirty (30) garages being completed by the end of 2013. More importantly, to me, is not the number of garages completed in 2013 but that much of the planning for build-out in Hangzhou is already in place with only the logistics of implementation needing to be realized. Your impromptu interviews, with both users and potential users, indicates a pent up demand for this rent on demand business model. And, the stated goal of approximately 100 garages being completed and operational by 2014, logically doable, will without question prove the model; even to Kandi's detractors. And, as you clearly point out, this build-out could not take place without the aggressive cooperation and support of the Hangzhou government and State Grid. We should never forget this key fact to keep intact the momentum of CarShare .It is comforting from an investor's perspective that all the right pieces appear to be in place.

    With your report everything now seems possible. We don't have involve ourselves in murky hypotheticals anymore. It's real. Again, thanks for being our eyes and ears....
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  • Kandi Set To Surrender Gains Again [View article]
    Triple F -

    Yes, you did respond, but I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why. You didn't address the central premise of my comment to you; the discovery and presentation of the truth...Not innuendo, not misleading statements, and or misrepresentations of the truth (lies). Your definition of perspective means nothing to me, as an investor, if not substantiated by evidentiary facts. This apparently is of little value because your thesis, if I understand it, is based on opportunity and not much more . But that's not the real truth is it? C'mon, fess up. You're a short-seller. Your original post gave you away. So, after reading your reply, quite fuzzy in its content, it is quite clear that your motivation in commenting was not to further substantive discussion as to this authors honesty and accountability, but to, as you elegantly stated, "keep the fires burning!" I hope that sufficiently answered your question.

    I think you misread me too. And, so there is no misunderstanding, many have attempted to bait me who possess substantially better skills than you do.... Nothing personal, just an observation. Remember, one can't "get all worked up and upset" without one's permission. I haven't given it. My time is usually better served with others whose purpose is more than just "fanning the flames."

    Best wishes in your trading endeavors too....just not with Kandi.
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  • Kandi Set To Surrender Gains Again [View article]
    I know you're not talking on behalf of Mr. Pearson. Your rationale may or may not be where the truth lies. What we do know is that he hasn't even attempted to discuss his article with anyone here. If he feels that everyone here is irrational shouldn't he at least give it a chance?

    Miracles do happen from time to time. Look, I'm even talking to you.
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  • Kandi Set To Surrender Gains Again [View article]
    12795341 - Your use of the word "perspective", if all facts being presented are of equal value, is proper and appreciated. When facts, however, are manipulated to lead a reader to a conclusion that is not truthful, it is not proper and appreciated. IMO, there is only one way to differentiate the truth tellers from the manipulators on a forum such as SA...Answer your critics! I, as an author here on SA, do my utmost to respond to my critics. I feel that if SA permits me to publish here there also must be an accountability factor to the readers of my articles. Mr. Pearson has chosen a different path. He won't respond to anyone!...Has he responded to anyone here? You know the answer...NO! Perspective is not a word I would associate in describing a Mr. Pearson article.

    Regarding saying the same things over and over, Mr. Pearson has made that into an "art form." It doesn't add anything to the discussion which, I think you must agree, never or hardly ever takes place after any of his articles are published on SA. He just runs away. Why you might ask? And, how are his readers going to determine if he is telling the truth? Just because one repeats himself over and over doesn't validate what is said; unless you're member of the US Congress I guess.

    Do you think Mr. Pearson has a responsibility to answer his critics? I believe your answer will be very telling, if in fact, you choose to respond.
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