Hazel Henderson

Green economy, circular economy, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy
Hazel Henderson
Green Economy, Circular Economy, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy
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Yes, but have you read Adam Smith's other book , published in 1759 ,THE THEORY OF MORAL SENTIMENTS which was the companion to his WEALTH OF NATIONS(1776) . The earlier book described human behavior within the family and community , while Wealth of Nations described human behavior in non-related , market transactions and within nations, not forseeing today's globalization . Watch our TV show " How Adam Smith and Charles Darwin Were Hijacked " in our series " Transforming Finance" ( http://www.films.com)
Thanks , Ron. Hope to see you at our co-sponsored event at COP21 in Paris in December . We will be convening successful fossil-fuel free portfolio managers and others. Detail soon!
Another good proposal ! I agree with you . The defenders of HFT cite the liquidity they create, but we know it disappears just when needed .
Excellent point , George, re. electricity for robots . Good for the TV show I'll be making later this month on this subject with Chief Scientist at NASA. I read the article from the South China Moring Post. I have bee visiting China since 1986 !
Hi George ; Many good points here I agree with , except for thorium nukes
( probably not necessary ). Thanks for your input.
As a science-policy wonk for the past 30 years , I already know all this ! WMSTRZ might want to read my latest e-book on all these options ,"Mapping The Global Transition to the Solar Age " Foreword by NASA Chief Scientist , co-published by the British Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and Tomorrow's Company, London,( 2014 ). It's a free download now from http://bit.ly/Sq9Zd5
Agree ! See my " What's the Matter With Google " CSRWire , Feb 10 , 1014
Thanks for all these comments ! Nice to know you all see these possibilities !
Our latest mid-2014 Update" GREEN BONDS GROWING GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE" of our Green Transition Scoreboard(r) , just released , covers the widening financing opportunities for solar , efficiency and covers the widening focus on redesigning infrastructure and cities , as in the new report we access on China Greentech . Someday , all this will hit mainstream media. Meantime , we can keep finding contrarian investment opportunities !
Thoughtful comments ! Better numbers on CO2 and what percentages go into our oceans, land, plants and atmosphere now coming from NASA's new satellite launched last week as we reported on http://bit.ly/Sq9Zd5 on our Earth systems Science page.
We heard all these arguments before , since we published our articles and the UN:Policy & Finance Alternatives in 1995, 1996 . Including the old chestnut about how markets would move to unregulated venues or as I noted in my " Global Finance Lost in Cyberspace " at http://bit.ly/Sq9Zd5
Also see ex-JP Morgan chase exec John Fullerton's recent support of FTT in The Guardian yesterday. The EU member countries mostly now support FTT and the French pension fund manager has the best way to do it today: as a simple cancellation fee for ever false order in FTT " phishing" .
I'm continuing to hold Natcore. Its technology is biomimicry-compliant , uses lighter elements in the Periodic Table and processes at room temperature ! This follows Life's Principles :http://www.asknature.net
I bought Natcore about a year ago. I'm holding .
I just wish that Seeking Alpha would correct their mis-spelling of John Elkington's name in their headline , as I have repeated requested.
I enjoyed Sheila Bair's BULL BY THE HORNS and I have reviewed it also for Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) http://bit.ly/Sq9Zd5 and sending it to my colleagues at the Netwok for Sustanable Finance and The Capital Institute as well .
I think Bair was one of the few grown-ups in the room and I agree with almost all of her well-reasoned recommendations for reform.
Hi Whitehawk: I agree and have commented lots on manipulation by central banks ! ( see http://bit.ly/Sq9Zd5 ) And , re. avoiding public markets , I have been doing this for years with private investments in green companies !
Any business plan that says it's aiming to go public goes straight into my wastebasket !
Hi Outcaster : Seems that limit orders offer no protection ! They are just food for the newer types of orders and lose their priority in the queue . They are considered by HFT algos as " dumb money " orders coming from retail investors and mutual fund managers . I've just finished reading DARK POOLS and these two books cross-referenxce each others' findings. I'll post my new review on this book sooonest !
Hi Ted Stamas : I'm just now reading DARK POOLS , another eye-opener ! I'll do a review of this one next .
Yes, Kingsmill : We are going to need a Constitutional amendment to get money out of our politics . The coalition for this is growing !
Hi Irpet : Yes, I agree ! Ressler and Mitchell have ended on a very positive note , showing all the ways the system can be reformed...and must be , if we are to avoid the next meltdown !
Thanks PBrandt for your thoughtful additions to this discussion . Much i agree with !
Hi Richard : Thanks . Your comment follows the conventional mainstream economics textbooks that decry such local initiatives , barter , etc, as " inefficient". Check my books for broader definitions of efficiency , including thermodynamic efficiency( see my The Politics of ther Solar Age, reviewed in the NYTimes, 1981 at http://bit.ly/nNeM3Q)
We now have all experienced the " efficiencies" of global markets and national fiat currencies! We need currencies to clear markets locally and in domestic economies like Greece , alongside the euro .
I'll continue to buy silver on the dips. It's a much better bet than inflated gold, and you don't have to worry about central banks who always manipulate the price of gold by leasing it whenever its price threatens their fiat currencies.
Good points from Leftfield ! Matt Taibbi's latest on the wives of Wall street is a shocker !
Thanks, Dana : You are right on , as well as all the insightful comments so far ! This is why we at Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil ) do not include biofuels from food crops or agricultural land in our GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD(r) which totals all private investments in green sectors worldwide since 2007
( currently at $1.6 trillion , soon to reach $2 trillion in our new report out later this month).
Neither do we include nuclear or " clean" coal , CCS and other sources pushed by the big lobbies.
( ethicalmarkets.com). We advocate a level playing field for all energy subsidies , which would reduce most of these funds that go to ethanol,fossil fuels and nukes . Let's use this multi-billion annual subsidy to reduced the deficit ! At the rate that real cleantech technologies are ramping up and with efficiencies , the next Green Economy will not need any subsidies .
Agree with Spice 2 . Ethanol is a net energy loser, gobbles water , land from higher-value uses and is just one of the subsidies we can cut to lower the deficit . Let's keep shifting to electric vehicles , powered by wind , solar , and keep on with efficiency-gains in using energy.
Right one, Dana ! Now if we could just level the subsidy playingfield, so fossil fuels and nukes won't continue that 90% of all the subsidies they have enjoyed , then we could move faster into our new energy future ! Check out our GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD(r) at ethicalmarkets.com
Let's remember that the comparative advantage model of Ricardo, and Adam Smith's free trade model both assumed that capital would remain behind national borders . Globalization of finance changed all that.
The best way to grow the green economy is to reduce the huge subsidies that have protected coal, oil, gas and nuclear power for many decades and with billions of dollars. By comparison with solar and renewables , fossil fuels and nukes claim 90% of the subsidies , only 10 % go to renewables, while ending the subsidies to food-based ethanol which only raises food prices. . So let's start by leveling the playingfield in the USA which will lower the deficit at the same time .
Sounds like herd behavior to me ! " Monkey see , monkey do ". Why would anyone pay extra to be invested in hedge funds like these! I prefer to seek out unappreciated assets with future prospects over the longer-term . I use much broader indicators, beyond GDP and narrow short-term monetary data . Social, environmental and governance performance counts with me , as well as minimizing energy and material throughput and low-entropy efficiency. Public markets are too corrupt ,Flash-trading is compulsive gambling , better to go the private equity route !
Disclosure : mostly privately-held , small companies in renewable energy, efficiency
Prof. West is right that the Silicon Valley V.C folks jumped into cleantech without sufficient research background in renewable energy . They thought it would be another dot.com type, easy winner ,looking for their traditional business model and focusing on exits in unrealistic timeframes , So some lost their shirts on food-based ethanol ( still shockingly subsidized by $ billions due to the farm lobby ). I wish Prof West had more clearly emphasized the role of government subsidies over the previous decades which made fossil fuels and nuclear energy look " cheap" : remember nuclear energy was going to be too cheap to meter ? Add to these price advantages , the externalizing of social and environmental costs , e.g. the oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention Santa Barbara and in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
So , yes, until government reduces these subsidies which favor fossil fuels and nukes over solar and renewables by 90% to 10% and levels the playing field , the up-front capital costs of many renewable technologies( where fuel is free) will require larger than necessary investments . So it's surprising that , according to our Ethical Markets Media GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD(r) , since 2007 at total of such private investments in renewables and other green technologies , has been $1.6 trillion as of Q2 of 2010 .
So , let's level the playingfield and get long term , institutional investors to commit at least 10% of their portfolios to such direct investments, instead of the risky dark pools, hedge funds, commodities speculation ( based on obsolete models of MPT ) in which they have sometimes lost their shirts.
James Eckler is right on ! We at Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) agree , which is why we created the GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD(R) tracking since 2007 all private investments in growing the renewable energy and green sectors worldwide. Our Q 2 update in 2010 now shows $1.6 trillion already in the pipeline or firmly committed. Click on the icon on our homepage at EthicalMarkets.com to find the numbers.
Correct , as far as Konrad goes. He misses the real reason that skews pricing across all alternatives: the massive subsidies to oil, coal, and nuclear , ( see subsidies pie chart at EthicalMarkets.com and the studies by the International Inst. for Sustainable Development at iisd.org ) . With or without price-distorting subsidies , renewables will keep growing because we can't go on polluting our planet indefinately , which is why we track private investments in renewables worldwide since 2007 on our Green Transition Scoreboard(R)
The best new currencies will be backed by KWH , yes, kilowatt hours ( more useful than gold ) see e.g. The Win-Win Plan for Iceland at EthicalMarkets.com And why not support the best systemic approach to the globally systemic problem of currency wars : the 0.01% Financial Transaction Tax , originally proposed by Tobin in the 1970s and Larry Summers in his 1989 paper, and now backed by the EU and on the agenda at the G-20 in Seoul in November. Curbs HFT and currency speculation, easy to collect and can help fill deficits .