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  • Is It Time To Invest In Palladium?
    Mon, Nov. 23 PALL 8 Comments
  • Speculative Gold Shorts Cross The Rubicon
    Sun, Nov. 22 GLD, GG, IAU 22 Comments
  • Latest WGC Report Shows That These Large Buyers Are Not Shying Away From Gold
    Mon, Nov. 16 NEM, GG, GLD 7 Comments
  • COMEX Inventories And Friday's Large Mysterious Chinese Buy
    Sun, Nov. 15 GG, NEM, PHYS 69 Comments
  • Speculative Gold Traders Bailing - Is It Time To Buy Gold?
    Sun, Nov. 8 GLD, IAU, PHYS 36 Comments
  • Friday Is A Big Day For Gold And Investors Better Be Prepared
    Wed, Nov. 4 GLD 30 Comments
  • Latest Commitment Of Traders Report May Temper Gold Bulls
    Sat, Oct. 17 GLD, IAU, CEF 24 Comments
  • Timmins Gold Management Shake-Up: The Takeaways For Investors
    Wed, Oct. 7 TGD 9 Comments
  • As September Ends, COMEX Registered Gold Inventories Drop To A New Low
    Sun, Oct. 4 AEM, GG, TAHO 25 Comments
  • A Few Interesting Takeaways From The Latest Monthly U.S. Gold Production Numbers
    Sat, Oct. 3 GLD, IAU, PHYS 7 Comments
  • Another Take On Insider Buying At Bear Creek
    Thu, Oct. 1 BCEKF 13 Comments
  • Indians Still Believe In Gold As India's Gold Imports Surge In August
    Sun, Sep. 27 GLD, IAU, PHYS 25 Comments
  • COMEX Available Gold Continues To Drop And Why That Should Matter For Investors
    Sun, Sep. 20 GLD, IAU, PHYS 72 Comments
  • Major September Buying By Russian And Chinese Central Banks Suggests Gold Market Still Has Long-Term Glitter
    Sun, Sep. 20 GLD, IAU, PHYS 16 Comments
  • Index Rebalancing Creates An Opportunity In Timmins Gold
    Wed, Sep. 16 TGD 24 Comments
  • COMEX Silver Inventories Have Been Dropping - Should Investors Get Excited?
    Tue, Sep. 8 PSLV, CEF, SLV 9 Comments
  • Without Much Fanfare COMEX Available Gold Drops To Lowest Levels On Record
    Sun, Sep. 6 GLD, IAU, PHYS 31 Comments
  • Strong August U.S. Bullion Sales But Should Investors Care?
    Fri, Sep. 4 PAAS, AG, TAHO 9 Comments
  • Is Platinum Becoming A Central Bank Reserve Asset?
    Thu, Aug. 27 SPPP, PLG, PPLT 12 Comments
  • Whale Watching: Stanley Druckenmiller Makes A Large Bet On Gold
    Sun, Aug. 16 GG, FCX, FB 24 Comments
  • Another Official Gold Declaration In China - What's Going On With Chinese Gold Holdings?
    Sun, Aug. 16 GG, AEM, NEM 48 Comments
  • 3 Takeaways From Timmins Gold's Earnings Report
    Fri, Aug. 14 TGD 8 Comments
  • U.S. Gold Production Continues To Decline In April
    Thu, Aug. 6 GG, AEM, GLD 13 Comments
  • Some Strange Things Are Happening At The COMEX Gold Warehouses
    Sun, Aug. 2 GLD, GDX, GDXJ 83 Comments
  • Former Gold Bulls Becoming Bears: Does That Mean Gold Has Reached A Bottom?
    Fri, Jul. 31 GG, PAAS, NEM 57 Comments
  • Physical Gold Flows From Switzerland Has A Little For The Bulls And Bears
    Thu, Jul. 30 AEM, GG, NEM 10 Comments
  • Russian Gold Reserves Rise In June: Why Is Russia Still Buying Gold?
    Sun, Jul. 26 GLD, GDX, IAU 52 Comments
  • The Latest Commitment Of Traders Report Shows Record Speculative Short Positions
    Sat, Jul. 25 GLD, IAU, PHYS 38 Comments
  • Gold Falls More Than 4% In Under A Minute - Here Is What Investors Need To Know
    Mon, Jul. 20 GLD, IAU, PHYS 92 Comments
  • Chinese Gold Holdings Surprise Investors, But Is It Bullish Or Bearish?
    Sat, Jul. 18 GLD, GG, IAU 67 Comments
  • Gold Bulls May Laugh Last As U.S. Gold Production Shows A Stunning Drop In 2015
    Mon, Jul. 13 GG, NEM, AEM 31 Comments
  • Speculative Traders Continue To Be Bearish On Gold As Short Positions Hit All-Time Highs
    Sun, Jul. 12 GLD, GG, NEM 14 Comments