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  • Why Stimulus for the Rich Espoused by Both Parties is Killing the Poor!
    When you supply more dollars, the price of hard assets goes up. This is about as basic as 2+2 = 4. In economics its called supply and demand.

    When you spend printed money on Homeland Security and on $120K per year government bureaucrats, this money never hits the real economy.

    The fact that Krugman and the other so called liberals want to print more money and run up even higher debt and imbalances as a result literally means genocide for much of the third world. Hundreds of millions died in 2008 from starvation because of the rise in grain prices. Today, 1 in 5 Americans is hungry and worldwide at least a billion people are not fed enough food every day.

    Why are we printing more money to put even more money into the coffers of irresponsible homeowners and lenders? This is not constitutional by any means... In fact the constitution expressly states that money is to be backed with hard assets. Keynes even suggested that money should be based on a basket of commodities so that it retains value. Today we have a totally debased currency.

    Those who talk deflation are mainly speaking ignorantly of the governments massaged CPI data that doesn't include food or fuel. The fact is that much of the world lives on less than $1 per day! As the dollar is the world's reserve currency, for every dollar we print, someone out there has to starve to death.

    I am not a Republican, and I am a democrat disgusted with government waste and spending -- of course I realize that we averted a depression and am glad about that, but I do not see how winging it under one or two officials and spending too much newly printed debt is good over the long haul for markets. How can the same people who ran Bush's economic agenda be running Obama's economic policy? Bernanke either works for someone in commodities and banking, or is no different from Allen Greenspan.

    The Deflationists are desperate to find a reason to print more money for some reason. They are using this depression to wage war against the currency which makes everyone's food costs rise.

    I know that most of you reading this are good people who feel compassion for others and want to help our fellow Americans in need. You have been convinced that more stimulus is the only way to accomplish this. However, what many of us don't realize is that the US Government is the root cause of the poor's suffering in America at the moment. They created the bubble that is now popping through the printing of money and low interest rates in the fractional reserve banking system. IF the government did not waste all of our tax dollars on complete and utter nonsense and did not print more money to balance their checkbook, their wouldn't be any poor or hungry people in our country -- that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

    Unfortunately, people in government have big egos. They want big $120,000 per year salaries, and they don't want to spend within their means. The end result is the mass suffering of Billions of people worldwide.

    Humbly yours,


    When you hear a Fed official talk about "unusual uncertainty" think about this: The dollar is the world's reserve currency. When they print money or "ease" this is what happens to Bellatu --

    As of today, some 20 million people

    live in slums across the Horn of Africa,

    and they are at the mercy of huge

    fluctuations in the price of basic family

    foodstuffs that strip their purchasing

    power and deplete their savings. Bellatu

    Bakane, a 38-year-old mother of three

    living in Addis Ababa, can’t help but feel

    frustrated: “I get angry because every

    time I go [to the market] food prices are

    higher” ... “because food prices are

    increasing, we are eating less”. Many

    Ethiopians are skipping meals and

    cutting out "luxuries" such as

    vegetables and eggs.

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    Sep 01 7:49 PM | Link | Comment!
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