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Himanshu Pandya
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For all of you who track the european solar and wind sector is there an ETF that can give me exposure to these companies?
Hey Guys,
The reason I don't include Q-Cells and REC is because they are not listed here in the US.
Also, you have to decide on your entry point for all of these stocks but I think during these tough times you have to stick with quality if you are an investor. If you are a trader then go on and trade those other Chinese Solar stocks.
Also, I would love to invest in some of these Euro Solar and Wind companies but they are not listed here in the US. There is really no pure play wind company listed in the US and that is a shame.
No, I am not short First Solar anymore. I went long right before earnings and got rewarded pretty well and that eased some of my pain. I learned the hard way with this one. Right now I am totally out of FSLR. I am still long STP and enjoying that.
I didn't include dividends in my calculation. Thanks for pointing it out. I will put that as a disclaimer from now on.
I don't feel comfortable recommending any Indian ADR's right now. If you are a long term investor the best thing to do would be to wait for drops in ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and the Indian ETF INP and start building a position in these stocks.
Michael Dell invested $100 Million into Redhat back in 2005. The money wasn't invested by Dell the company but by Michael Dell's private investment firm. However, I am not sure what the status of the investment at this point.
ADES could benefit from this as well and from the limited research I did I couldn't find anyting about them doing business in China. I looked at their latest investor presentation on their website and couldn't find anything about China and if they are trying to expand up there. The reason I included FTEK was because they just announced a multi-million dollar contract in China.
You read my mind. I was thinking of going long ESLR my self. I have been tracking ESLR and I think below 8 is a pretty good bet.
You are missing a lot of key companies in your list. Suntech Power and MEMC Electronics are key companies in the solar energy sector.
1. SunTech Power (STP) - Biggest pure play out there.
2. MEMC Electronics (WFR) - Provides Polysilicon
3. First Solar (FSLR) - Recent IPO
4. Canadian Solar (CSIQ) - Recent IPO
I got out of this stock a long time ago while it was still in the 30's. If you go to my site I talked about this stock back in January before the major run up (energy.financialnirvan.../).
I believe I first bought in December, 2005 in the low teens. Anyways I got out of this stock in the 20's and then in the 30's. I even wrote about their huge insider selling before the WSJ picked up on it as well. All I am saying is that if you still believe in the whole Ethanol thing you might want to give it a shot at these levels. I totally agree with you that this is still very speculative but atleast they did finish their plant and will start production soon.