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Oh hazeleye, you must remember that we are no longer in the Buy and Hold era. The quick picks are always listed for just that week and then it's time to take profits. I know it is hard to change our ways from old school days when we would buy XOM and keep it in our safety deposit boxes for 20 years.
Please excuse the title of this article today...Somehow, it was changed from 4 Dividend Stocks to 8 Dividend Stocks this morning. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.
Thanks for your input Gabriel! Enjoy your weekemd.
Thanks atauber...Will check it out!
Thank you for the info! Checking it out now.
I like Akami Tech also...Look forward to seeing a move upward for them towards year end.
Will do my best to post more research on ABV for you!
Great reading your comments Uain. I agree with your views and also have great faith in CRR and what they are doing. Thank you for sharing, Holly T
Hi Alan, great to hear from you! As I mentioned earlier in my reply to David, CVX has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Nothing wrong with those big names... I haven't done any work on XLNX but will certainly look into it. All my best, Holly T
Thank you David for your comment. CVX has been one of my tried and true's for quite some time.
Thank you JoeBean769 for your comment. Balchem has been one of my favorite stories for the last few years.
Hehe, CAAS is a hard one to stomache. SA had asked for an article and I initially turned in QCOM. Sadly for me they had just accepted a piece from another writer. So, I was left with CAAS at the time. Shame what has happened so far. I stopped following them in October.
Dr. Barclay, thank you so much for your message. I enjoyed your wrap-up of what is currently happening in the world. You also made me smile with your wit. Hope to talk with you again soon. Best regards, Holly T
SmartStops, you are right. Diversification is just one of the facets needed to build a winning portfolio and guard against risk. We could write of the studies that have been published but would be too lengthy for this medium. Thank you for your input. Best regards, Holly T
Absolutely. I try to compare each stock within their own industry group, pick the companies that interest me and then pick apart their financials and press releases looking for one that stands out. Usually, I try stay away from the bottom of the group. I'm looking for steady gains and stability, not necessarily a breakout king.
Ah, it was painful to watch yesterday but we knew the stock would drop just for the simple fact that some investors were taking their profits yesterday - I haven't heard the call replay yet but did see the news that they may have been slightly negatively impacted by modest price erosion and foreign exchange impact. We have a great chance here to buy a little lower this morning and then sit back while the stock runs up again.