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Howard Richman  

Dr. Howard Richman ( is one of three generations of a family of economists. Howard co-authors the Trade and Taxes blog ( and co-authored the 2008 book, Trading Away Our Future, published by Ideal Taxes Association ( He is a frequent contributor to the American Thinker.
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Ideal Taxes Association We are a small think tank that was founded in 2008.
Richmans' Trade and Taxes Blog We especially focus upon the trade, economic growth, and various taxes. We are advocates of balanced trad and a switchover from income to consumption taxes, We favor replacing the corporate income tax with a VAT or replacing the entire tax system with the FairTax.
Trading Away Our Future: Here's what the Wikipedia entry on Balanced Trade says about Trading Away Our Future:
A more extensive argument for balanced trade, and a program to achieve balanced trade is presented in Trading Away Our ...More
Here's what the Journal of Economic Literature (Vol 46, p. 782) says about Trading Away Our Future:
Examines the costs and benefits of U.S. trade and tax policies. Discusses why trade deficits matter; root of the trade deficit; the “ostrich” and “eagles” attitudes; how to balance trade; taxation of capital gains; the real estate tax; the corporate income tax; solving the low savings problem; how to protect one’s assets; and a program for a strong America. Raymond Richman is Professor Emeritus of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh and President of the Ideal Taxes Association. Howard Richman teaches economics on the Internet. Jesse Richman is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Old Dominion University. Index.
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