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Awesome! Wish I was lucky as you. I sold my options a while back when they doubled! I am just glad that management will be headed to the exit soon.
Wow great news for CommonWealth investors! Meister took a big stake in the company.
Thanks for the kind comments!
Thanks for the comment.
I have a small short position on this stock. Yes, they did improve profitability quite a bit in 2012. However,
- They are going up against killer competition.
- They have a limited number of stores to franchisee. Most of them are already franchised. http://bit.ly/SeeBah
- More expenses as a separate public company.
Sears Outlet is maybe something that they can expand. But last quarter they had negative same store sales at Sears Outlet.
Sears Hometown had positive same store sales. However, a lot of that seemed to promotional activities.
I don't know if you followed Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH). The same argument could've made for that Sears spin-off and now they are near bankruptcy.
I feel like if Sears itself cant turnaround its stores and neither could Orchard. I have my doubts that SHOS can.
Cost cuts only go so far. At some point they will have to show real top line growth.
Just looking to make a quick buck! :-)
Good opportunity today to buy common shares and exchange for preferred. Preferred is trading at around $7 and this morning GNE was trading around $6. http://www.hypezero.co
IDT Energy results were not good. Still high churn rate & S&GA expenses drastically up.
Dont know if anybody heard the management transcript, but couple things came out of it:
1.) $1.5 Billion of their portfolio is challenged (60% occupancy rate). Management is trying to sell it. Let's see if they actually do.
2.) $300 million of that portfolio is unoccupied i believe. They might have to sell this at a steep discount 25-30% of book value.
3.) Not buying anymore more properties. Let's see if they actually follow through on this.
Was able to join the conference call, but somehow they didn't let me ask question!
Thanks for the reply,
Actually an ounce of coke or liter grows with time. WU's tranaction fee (C-to-C) decreasing 5% per year.Agree with you on earning per share due to buybacks. I wish they would have actually just gave it as a dividend rather than buyback.How did you calculate market share? Because their marke share has been steady around 16-17% and this year it is down based on remittance volume.
1. What do you think of the constant decline in C-2-C revenue per transaction? They have premium pricing, however the industry as a whole is going toward lower pricing per transaction. In order to just maintain revenue, they have to do 5%+ transactions per year?
2.) You mentioned revenue growth, but you forgot to mention anything about net income growth. Because there has not been any! In 2005, net income was $900 million. Kind of similar to 2012! There has no growth even though the remittance volume is up
11% CAGR. Again goes back to lower pricing per transaction.
3.) World bank is projecting remittance volume to be lower than what it has been in the past. This does not bode well for Western Union.
Earnings before market opens tomorrow and conference call at 10am tomorrow.
Total paid $3.2 million to acquire a 50% stake in 2009. http://bit.ly/UgSZKT
Do you have any concerns over the ongoing price war? It seems there fee per transaction (C-to-C) has been consistently going down every year. They are making it up by increasing the number of transactions. Do you think they can keep increasing the number of transactions to keep up with the decreasing fee per transaction?
Awesome, Let me know what happens!
It is surprising even the ones that own 4% are not doing something.
Yeah no doubt others have done well.
The conference calls have been quite entertaining. Check out the transcript on SA. They analysts have been very frank with management's poor performance. However, they do not care.
I plan to do the following:
- Keep writing articles on SeekingAlpha.
- Contact funds that are holding CWH.
- Get smaller investors together in the hopes that someone will listen.
If you own shares, please contact me directly.
I will do that as well. Draft a letter to some funds that actually hold the stock especially the smaller funds that might actually care.
Only hope is the economy turns around and unemployment goes down.
Ha! I tried to contact David Einhorn - Greenlight Capital with no response. I will create a facebook/linked in group and maybe send a letter to management! Anybody interested in joining?
I wonder what they will have to say this quarter.
The only way this is going to happen is if a big investor steps in and makes changes. We can all see this stock is undervalued, but dont have the influence to make changes.
The Board of Trustees is RMR!
You could marry into the family and become a VP just like that.
Yes it is private! :-)
I am thinking of organizing a group of investors to at least send a letter to CWH management that they need to improve shareholder value.
It is cheap. But it was cheap at $20 at too. I hope someone unlocks the value here.
No doubt management fees, but
1. How do you explain the spin-offs? They make no sense from increasing the shareholder value!
2. Share dilution.
I am not arguing that management fees are high, just based on managements actions, they are doing things to increase management fees.
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Yes I agree with the valuation of WWAV. However, it is in line with some of the other "healthy" food segments. The low float also should keep the price up.
Say, WWAV goes down to $15, that should be only a $1.50 hit on the shares of Dean. It will still be undervalued.
One way to play it is short out the WWAV shares.
Good point. Forgot to mention the goodwill impairment charge in 2011!