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Igor Greenwald
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Thanks so much for reading and the kind words. So many stocks have gone up a lot since I wrote this, but I did have a nice streak of picking winners last year. I'm focusing on energy stocks and MLPs for my current employer (Capitol Info Group/Investingdaily.com) at the moment, but looking forward to doing more broad investing writing down the road for them.
This feed is currently controlled by my former employer Moneyshow.com, and they do abstract newsletter articles. The operating subsidiaries of IEP are majority-owned by Icahn/IEP. Stocks like NFLX, AAPL, HAIN, NUAN, etc. in which Icahn only holds a minority stake tend to be shorter-term investments.
Anyone reading this repost not of my making should be aware that it abstracts a newsletter (MLP Profits) recommendation made six weeks and 35% ago.
Thanks for reading the article. Not really a thought experiment for me. In 2002, Warren Buffett and some others bought Level 3 convertibles on favorable terms and Buffett trumpeted the value proposition of a co run by a friend. The stock ran up even though Bufffett got himself the usual sweetheart deal with a well-marked exit. I called him out on that, he eventually cashed out and the stock soon tanked again.
Thanks for reading. I don't actually think that index funds "aren't worth the trouble," as the editor's headline has it. I do suggest that by leaving asset allocation to an index committee that makes changes infrequently one contributes to market inefficiencies others might possibly capitalize one. Whether a particular investor can do successfully is a different matter.
I have no position in JCP, short or long
Thanks for reading and commenting, Tony. The Fed's not so much attempting to artificially prop up the housing market here, as to solve gridlock that benefits no one but landlords. The problem is that a sizable subset of potential buyers can't sell because they're underwater and that even many of those not so burdened can't qualify for credit, while millions of homes sit vacant. That's a broken market clogged by the fallout from the housing bust rather a functioning one waiting for lower prices to clear.
I appreciate everyone's comments. BCIS: Wouldn't you have said the same things about Egypt a month ago?