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Institutional Insider scours the world of Wall Street to provide the most critical, market moving and compelling information available for today’s demanding professional.

We maintain the most robust and exclusive repository of earnings predictions available. Top rated analysts from leading houses form the basis of our compile earnings predictions. Our pool of non-traditional industry contacts and resources allows us to predict significantly better accuracy than street consensus We monitor our sources carefully and deliver results to shareholders of significance.

Our Partners: Institutional Money Managers

Our services are exclusive and unlike traditional news media. We focus on serving ...More

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  • Description: Investment Consultant.
  • Interests: Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
Institutional Insider
Sourced exclusively from the street’s most prestigious firms, Institutional Insider provides credible earnings predictions from analysts that have direct access to management.
Institutional Insider Blog A place where our analysts, industry experts, and institutional insiders get together to discuss research.
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