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Hi Germanist - we're writing using Market Scanners - see link for some of their capabilities: www.interactivebrokers...
Open Interest is a measure of currently held positions. When we see daily volume exceed open interest, we conclude that new positions are being established.
For a $12.00 strike price the breakeven is the distance form the currently traded share price to the strike PLUS the premium paid. So $12.00 plus $0.40 is $12.40, which is 7% higher than $11.49.
Option implied volatility - a measure of investors' expectations on how far the share price might range before options expire, and is a critical component of a call or put premium.
Means that imports exceeded exports - unusual, but that's what happened ....
Due to time constraints I can only afford to cover the major currencies. The Chinese yuan is essentially maintained at a fixed rate by the PBOC and is not a freely floated currency. One day it will be but much water has to pass under the bridge first before it becomes a fully convertible and widely adopted international reserve.
Nope - this is an interest rate report and I'm discussing the movement of CME eurodollar interest rate futures. I discuss the single euro currency in my FX report.
I'd agree with Mike's comment that this was short covering - I don't sense that central banks are on the cusp of intervening. It's a drama to you and me, but no need for central banks to panic at all at this stage.
You might want to take a closer look at the charts on this subject. All of the dollar weakness occurred during the morning trading session - well ahead of the FOMC Minutes and to make the claim that those minutes weakened the dollar is misleading. The euro bought $1.3795 at 2pm ET ahead of the 2:15 release and had weakened to $1.3805 by 3pm. the dollar rose to $1.3780 by the close and by 11:20 Thursday morning, the dollar is stronger still at $1.3760. The assessment that a weaker GDP outlook by several Fed members undermined the dollar is a cause of dollar strength and not weakness.