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Long/short equity, growth at reasonable price, contrarian, growth
Investing Insight
Long/short equity, growth at reasonable price, contrarian, growth
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Hello Everyone,
Some revisions are made in this article: Earlier interpretation of Debt to Asset ratio was mentioned wrong.
This metric measures how much of the company’s assets have been financed by debt. Currently, Seadrill’s debt to assets ratio stands at 0.52, lower than 2012’s 0.55. A debt to asset ratio greater than 1 indicates that company has more debts than assets, as the number is below 1 and declining, this indicates that company financial leverage is declining.
I apologize for inconvenience.
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Dear All,
According to ruling that cooper appeal is invalid, merger will end without paying any penalty.
My Investments thesis were entirely based upon scenarios as you all can see, I have presented the worst case, which is now a case for the company. I still believe that current valuation of company is very cheap and market has overreacted the news as the company outlook is good in Long – Term and valuation is very cheap so according to my analysis the decision to stick with this stock is better option and future earning announcements will act as catalysts.
I am Long on this stock and will stick with it as long as its true value is not unlocked.
Once again my investment thesis was entirely based upon scenarios and I have not endorse any where that this deal will be definite, so that why I have presented scenario 3 and Which was entirely based upon fundamentals of the company which I still believe are quite intact.
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But still offering decent return opportunity.
Hello Everyone,
Few changes have been made in this article and the latest earnings announcement has been incorporated and analyzed. Feel free to read it and provide your valuable feedback.