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Investing The Middle Way
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Guys, thanks for your comments. This is one of my riskier holdings so I spent more than usual amount of effort analyzing it.
To martyriske, I like PCU, but I don't think it's fair to compare Excellon to it. As far as copper vs. silver, as Don Coxe says, copper consumption is related to the number of middle-class homes built. On the other hand, silver has much more of a precious metal character to it.
Sorry, I meant to say that StockCharts accounts for the dividend payments. You can see the discrepancy more clearly by going to Yahoo Finance and check out the "historical prices". The last column with the heading "adjusted close" shows the dividend adjusted prices.
Dear all,
Thanks for all the comments. On the dilution issue, the company now is maintaining $15M per ship according to their latest letter to shareholders. In today's environment of low corporate spreads, that seems a sensible use of money.
EM, the chart is from StockCharts. It seems they have not adjusted for dividends.