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Are you short common as you are long ATP bonds? I'm curious about bondholder strategy on this one.
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Note that the article title specifically states these are the "preferreds" rather than common stock. These are two different beasts. I view preferred shares like bonds.
Thank you for your comment. We agree.
Interesting. We'll look into it. Thank you for your comment.
Good comment. Yes, the ETFs can be appealing. Investors should know what is "under the hood" and that is one of the goals here.
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To remain unbiased if that is even possible.
Ownership could complicate objectivity.
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Thank you for your summary and thoughts.
Healthy refers to the ability to pay dividends, not size. Thank you for your comment.
Great comments. Thank you. I'd say these have fared well over the last year. Agree? Disagree?
Maybe, and maybe not. T. Paul Buhlman has a lot of skin in the game.
Thanks for your comment. We'll have some more research out with insights that most sophisticated investors don't know.
Be careful with that earnings multiple though. Make sure you don't end up paying for an earnings yield of 2%.
Sounds like a thumbs down because you disagree? Thank you for your comment.
It's a market that is about to have lots more competition. Already weak margins will get weaker. The best bet in this situation is to "sell the picks and shovels" to the streamers. Identify the suppliers for these companies and look at investing in them.
This is an important point. Thanks for adding.
Best of luck with that trade. Thanks for commenting.
Tom, at risk of stating the obvious, that sounds awfully risky given the current regulatory environment.
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You have great insight. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for your comment. I do not understand how your comment relates to this analysis. Can you explain it?
You'd capture the difference in price in the event of a buyout.
A buyout will logically come in higher than market price.
Thank you for the comment. You can see the negative cash flow here.
Liabilities is less than assets, so you are correct.
Great comments. Does anyone think RIMM is a strong buy here?
thanks for you comments, we'll look into the litigation issue.
You can see that Icahn sold out of NAV here:
Good question. See the irs website on this topic
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