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Hi trblu,
I agree with you, the current EPS is obviously not good. However, a quarter of small net loss (1 million $) is not going to have a major impact on the health of the business. And revenues growth is very healthy despite the loss in Japanese car sales.
The decline in Japanese car sales is unfortunate, but this situation is hopefully temporary. I should have mentioned it in the article. Another short term issue is the costs associated with the new facilities - they will probably take a quarter or two to streamline.
So not the exciting quarter I would hope for, but largely due to temporary issues rather than to long term business problems. I do remain optimistic for 2013, especially on the Audi expansion. Hopefully China and Germany have no foreign policy spat, but I really don't foresee that!
Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated! Makes sense.
Thank you for the article, Brad.
I am interested in opening an mREIT position, but am just curious why you and other mREIT investors would choose these and not NLY, AGNC or CIM? Their yields are significantly higher. Are these three high-yielders too much riskier, in your opinion? I am still doing some research, but will decide soon.
An interesting NYT article on Audi's status in China:
" Audi’s party technocrat associations are a result partly of the car’s early market entry and its longstanding place on the government’s coveted purchasing list. Audi, the German automaker, gained access to the Chinese market in 1988 when its owner, Volkswagen, struck a joint venture with Yiqi, a Chinese carmaker. By contrast, BMW’s first domestic factory opened in 2003, giving Audi 15 years to establish itself as the premier vehicle for China’s elite.
This early advantage has helped Audi to dominate China’s lucrative government-car market, with 20 percent of its China revenue in 2009 drawn directly from government sales. Each year, the Procurement Center of the Central People’s Government releases a list of the cars and models acceptable for government purchase. While the A6 has long been a mainstay on the list, which had 38 brands in 2010, BMW made the cut only in 2009. "
Thank you for your comment, Phoenecian. This stock has been something of a 'lemon' in 2012 - I hope that the upcoming quarterly will show improved EPS, but nonetheless 2013 is what I would really bank on. Many good catalysts for LAS!
Your catching of a big fish makes your article seem more trustworthy... well-played
Thank you for the article. I have been interested in LPH for some time.