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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Keep rambling Maybenot, I enjoy it very much. Having the goal of 40 companies makes trimming outsized positions and redeploying them very purposeful. Are you finding constraints as you approach the 40? This is what I have experienced and will start writing about this week. There are so many varied reasons for each little action.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Thanks Charlie. I hope to continue this conversation privately, during the week.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    "Whatever we want!" she says facetiously!

    The reality is that I would never have imagined doing what I am doing just 4 years ago. How could I ever imagine what is in store for the future 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now? Given the choice though, it would include giving, service and someplace warm for the Canadian cold months!

    My mother proved these were not mutually exclusive. When she retired from nursing she hopped aboard Mercy Ships for the winter months for four years as an OR Nurse in the eye department. Look them up at A great organization doing amazing work.

    I agree that it is truly amazing what a little focus and hard work can accomplish. What a completely different vantage point in just a few years. I sure wouldn't have gotten here by continuing as a typical financial advisor client. Being mentored here made a huge difference.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Thanks Archman, that is how things work here as well in our similar types of accounts (except not REITs). I've been doing the research to confirm for the next article and you explain it well.
    Thank you for weighing in.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    BH above also recommended letting IPL run. Someone else mentioned that if you are not sure of a decision, do nothing and I have usually taken that route as well, which is why I haven't done anything yet. Since reading your comment and considering a reply, I have been reflecting on my past history of trimming of overvalued winners. In general, it hasn't turned out to be a great idea. I'm usually right in the short term, reading a short-term top, but almost everything has continued to run in the long term which is why I don't think the decisions have turned out to be strongly positive. I have done far better by temporarily overweighting on a correction and selling the excess shares after.

    If I had a better idea waiting in the wings, it would be quite different and I probably would have already sold, but I don't really. I think I have decided not to outright sell, but am still pondering a stop-loss order for 1/3 with a healthy margin, just in case - partly just because of the account it is currently in. And there we are back to asset location again. Sigh.

    It is so helpful to have feedback and the stimulation of questions and critique. I've missed writing and participating here.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    As a Canadian I cannot speak to the Roth. Hopefully someone else will jump right in.

    However, we have a similar registered account called a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), on which gains are simply tax free. It is not covered by the tax treaty we have with the US so there is unrecoverable withholding tax on dividends by US corporations. I would gather that this is reciprocal and that you would be better to hold Canadian securities in a traditional IRA. But as I say, I'm not American. Asset location is the topic of my next article still in the works.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Oh no. The 24% total return is not 'wow'. It's a really great 'whoo-hoo' though!

    The real wows for last year for me were
    1. That the portfolio was up 82%! (the difference being the contributions!) and it doubled for the fourth time! It almost doubled in one year again, but I wasn't really expecting that, as it gets progressively more difficult! Can you imagine were were able to contribute THAT much! It's a huge win! :) I'm easily as excited about the contributions compared to the unrealized capital gains market gift (which is a truly lovely gift) as it demonstrates my care, stewardship of finite resources and commitment to the plan.

    2. Dividends were up 170.4% yoy 2013 over 2012!!! They were not and are not quite where I want to be but I'm getting there! I'm always more excited about progress than product.

    The end of year article:

    We now have more $ in the portfolio than the money we lost (remember, no pensions for back up - the portfolio is all there is) That's a little less exciting - ok maybe even a little depressing, but I would never have though we would be here by now. I might be able to tip the portfolio over 200k this year but I'm thinking more rental property instead of contributions. I'll decide next week. Another side benefit of the rental property is security for the future as we would be pre-buying our possible retirement condo and letting it pay for itself until we're ready to sell the house and move in. Essentially locking our future residence in at current prices and interest rates. We may buy a couple of places to have options. Any leftover property we don't need can simply be sold for the cap gains...future portfolio windfalls either in the next market swing or when we don't want to manage it anymore. We have a cyclical housing market here, which can be played like the stock market and with interest rates as they are, it makes it even more attractive.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Thank you Uncle Mike,
    My journey has been a varied, interesting one, but not of my own design. Several right people have come on the scene at the right time and I am deeply indebted to them. I have been willing to do the work and jump down the rabbit holes when I see them, and am now happy to share what I've learned. 3 years ago, I was afraid it was too late for us. Now I'm left wondering what the next rabbit hole will be, and am excited to find out what the courses in the fall will bring.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    I'm glad I am providing you with research fodder! I guess I should have expanded that to say, "many of the usual suspects for a Canadian dividend-growth investor" :) hee hee
    Jul 5, 2014. 01:20 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Hi Subhash,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I thought I had broken it all out carefully for everyone.

    Dividends: .93% plus cap gain:3.38 this quarter makes a return of 4.32%, compared to the 4.83% from last quarter. The rest of the 19.62% being contributions = 15.3%.

    I don't know how that compares to the market or what the S&P and or the TSX did over the quarter and don't really care. As my portfolio is a bit half and half an average of the two would be a better benchmark if I wanted to have one. Last year my total return was 24%. Canadians went 'wow' and Americans when 'really'? Whatever. I beat my targets this quarter by quite a lot and am thrilled. (and last quarter and last year).

    I also mentioned that I don't expect to meet targets for next quarter and in reality, I don't need to. My total return year-to-date is slightly more than my year's target, as is my year-to-date contribution target if the tax refund is included. Being so far ahead of targets gives me confidence to continue and motivation to keep learning and doing the work. On years that are not so positive, this will help.

    My portfolio balance is 41% more now than I predicted it would be, in January of 2012. It's a nice, growing cushion confirms the portfolio's success and our ability to live on the dividend income of the portfolio over the years. I don't NEED to take risks.

    I will try to do better commenting on the numbers instead of letting them speak for themselves, but I am afraid that people will think that it takes some special ability or stock picking brilliance and say, "I couldn't do that!" when the reality is far more than they think, as it was for me when I started. Being willing to learn and be open to new ideas and being willing to put in the time is critical.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Ilocanuck wrote:
    "Now that I am retired, managing my of utmost importance as it supplements my CPP and OAS income."

    This is what I lost sight of this spring. Family illness caused uncertainty and I began chasing income, only partly out of fear. I really enjoy my main job. Now my head is on straight and I'll keep my focus where it should be - on my REAL job: managing my home and finance as I have all these years. As an intelligent, motivated woman, sometimes the lure of a career and all the positive reinforcement it provides overshadows the reality that for me I'm already in the best position I could ever be. I am keenly aware of how fortunate I am to be given the option and how foolish I was giving that up.

    I have an idea of the price I want to pay, but I don't usually wait for that. I try to watch the charts and pick a good technical entry instead of waiting for that ideal price. That's why I mentioned the dates I purchases. You can look at the chart and see what I was thinking....for better or worse!
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Buying GG was another case of being too busy to really do research, but just seeing an opportunity and jumping in. I've been avoiding watching my former trading stocks and allow myself only GG lately. Maybe I should switch to SLW! I never held GG and SLW, just swing traded them. I got caught, as many people did, when SLW topped, but I was patient, averaged down and came out ahead. SLW has been swinging very nicely lately and I haven't even noticed! Thank you for tempting me! ;)
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Thanks for that Mike.
    I hear their ads all the time, but haven't bothered to look into it. Nice to have confirmation.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Hi BMJ,
    If each account mirrored the others, the transaction costs would be terrible. I see all of the accounts as one whole portfolio. My next article will be about how I manage the accounts and my rules for asset location. I hope you will give me lots of feedback on it. I will look into IB for the next account. I hope in the future to buy some stock direct from the companies, but I am concerned about complicating estate issues by having so many thing in so many piles, compared to an account. My husband is rather allergic to paperwork so even the set up is trying for him. (he's very capable, and I keep well organized and keep him up to speed, but it's not his forte, nor his responsibility)
    Thanks for the suggestions.
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  • The Numbers Are In! [View article]
    Thank you, JJ, that is such a wonderful thing to hear!
    Jul 5, 2014. 11:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment