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  • One Way Marginalization For Jobs In Recession
    Thu, Aug. 21 Comment!
  • Summer 2014 Snapshot Of Eroding Earnings Expectations For The S&P 500
    Wed, Aug. 20 SPY, SH, SSO 2 Comments
  • U.S. Economy Rebounds, China Decelerates In June 2014
    Thu, Aug. 14 FXI, PGJ, GXC 4 Comments
  • Dividends: Canaries In A Coal Mine?
    Tue, Aug. 12 SPY, IWM Comment!
  • The Recession And Jobs At The Margin
    Thu, Aug. 7 1 Comment
  • Diverging Trends For Non-Farm Payroll And Total Employment
    Wed, Jul. 30 6 Comments
  • The Differences Between The Household And Establishment Employment Surveys
    Tue, Jul. 29 Comment!
  • Compensating For The Echo Effect
    Mon, Jul. 28 SPY 1 Comment
  • Divergence From The Reverted Mean
    Thu, Jul. 10 SPY, DIA, QQQ 3 Comments
  • A Moment Of Truth For The S&P 500
    Mon, Jul. 7 SPY Comment!
  • Dividends: Slightly Deeper In Recessionary Territory
    Thu, Jul. 3 Comment!
  • A New Trend Shaping Up For U.S. Housing Prices?
    Wed, Jul. 2 IYR, VNQ, DRN 9 Comments
  • Means, Motive And Opportunity With The S&P 500
    Thu, Jun. 26 SPY, SH, SSO 2 Comments
  • Dividend Futures Vs. Actual Dividends
    Tue, Jun. 17 SPY 2 Comments
  • China's Imports Crash To Near Zero
    Tue, Jun. 10 FXI, PGJ, GXC 46 Comments
  • Shifting The Future For The S&P 500
    Mon, Jun. 9 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • The Bigger Picture For U.S. Real Estate
    Tue, Jun. 3 SPY, QQQ, DIA 4 Comments
  • Time To Enter The Summer Doldrums?
    Mon, Jun. 2 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • New Home Sale Prices Fall For Second Time In 2014
    Thu, May. 29 IYR, XHB 4 Comments
  • An Invisible Correction
    Tue, May. 27 SPY, SH, SSO 1 Comment
  • When 'Reverting To The Mean' Will Happen
    Thu, May. 22 SPY, SH, SSO 2 Comments
  • What 'Reverting To The Mean' Means
    Wed, May. 21 SPY, SH, SSO 6 Comments
  • Freaking Out On The S&P 500
    Mon, May. 19 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • Spring 2014 Snapshot Of Expected Future S&P 500 Earnings
    Wed, May. 14 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • Echoes, Aftershocks And The S&P 500
    Mon, May. 12 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • U.S.-China Trade: Rebound In March 2014
    Thu, May. 8 FXI, PGJ, GXC Comment!
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes For The S&P 500
    Mon, May. 5 SPY, SH, SSO 4 Comments
  • Recessionary Cold For GDP In 2014-Q1
    Thu, May. 1 SPY, QQQ, DIA 1 Comment
  • What's Driving The U.S. Housing Market?
    Tue, Apr. 29 REZ, RTL 1 Comment
  • S&P 500: Nothing Much To See Here
    Mon, Apr. 28 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • The Further Withering Of Wind Power
    Wed, Apr. 23 PBW, FAN, QCLN 10 Comments
  • U.S. Real Estate's State Of Malaise
    Tue, Apr. 22 BX, IYR, VNQ 16 Comments