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Rusty Haight, a legend in automotive safety (and a human crash test dummy) is quoted in the March/April issue of Road & Track. His direct comment is, "...they'll never invent the computer that's as smart as people are stupid". While I dislike saying never, I agree that it will be nearly impossible for AI to keep up with the ability of humans to do new inventive stupid things.
I rarely spend more than 5 minutes at the service station refilling my gasoline engine and gain about 400 miles of "range". How much time (a far more finite resource than money) would I need to spend at a supercharger in order to gain half of that?
Not sure the quote you're using applies to a successful lawsuit.
Exactly what operating system can other phone makers use? It isn't as if Apple is going to let them use iOs. Unless you believe that the only phone in the marketplace will be Apple's then there will be a need for an operating system to run the other manufacturers phones.
Visited with the family in early February. The place was so packed we couldn't find space to view the fireworks from.
I agree. Their deliveries in Q1 2015 should be increased due to this. In this release it appears they will be below expectations.
why would this be a reason for crude to fade?
@Ivalho Water is wet. Analysts get paid to do research.
Who exactly wants to have a "normal" conversation while driving a vehicle at super car speeds? As a driving enthusiast I'm concentrating on the pleasure of the ride. I have no interest in having a normal conversation while exploring the limits of a vehicle.
Usually at max acceleration I just have a stupid grin on my face. Part of that experience is the aural stimulation of a perfectly tuned engine. I'll miss that.
I'd prefer Google Maps any day to the navigation systems in my 2014 Mazda 6 or 2015 Toyota Sienna. By a country mile.
@kappaseek it is utter hubris that, for better or worse, mankind can control the environment. Nature is vastly more powerful than the environmental lobby would like you to believe. That's why they've taken to calling everything climate change instead of global warming. Using the new terminology any weather changes can be chalked up to man's influence. It's complete huey.
The trees in my backyard convert carbon to oxygen. That I inhale. That is necessary for me to live.
And I thought the 30K with tax I just dumped on a Mazda 6 for my kid was insane. Turns out she's driving an economy car!
I believe that the sites mission is to make a business case for investment not to make statements about saving the world with a higher gas tax. Please maintain your focus as to whether TSLA is a good investment. It's about the Alpha not the environment here.
Barring a massive leap in the speed of recharging a BEV the future of the automobile in the US is the same as the past 100 years. ICE
I traveled from NY to Indianapolis and back for the Super Bowl with my 8 year old son. We did the trip overnight to avoid traffic. Had we needed to stop for charging the trip would not have been feasible.
Confession: I would never buy a BEV that employs current technology because it takes way to long to recharge and the long term reliability has yet to be proven. Should a battery be built that can provide 3-400 miles of range in the time it takes to fill up an ICE powered vehicle (assuming competitive pricing) I'd be left with the proof of long term reliability as my sole objection. That issue may take another 5-10 years to sort out. However, with a strong third party warranty my reservations would easily be overcome and I'd find myself considering a BEV for my next vehicle purchase.
I still can't recharge one in the time it takes for me to void my bladder. They are vastly different products.
@NavyMan The market can stay irrational far longer than one can stay solvent.
I've heard something to that effect a few times in my life.
That's why g-d created the minivan. They have the added benefit of not worrying about smacking my 6 foot tall head on the door after I complete the process of strapping my child into his seat. Did I mention I can push a button from the drivers seat and key fob to open and close them if my spoiled kids are too lazy to do so themselves?
Oil changes for an IEV take about as much time as a single charge of the "hassle free" Tesla at a supercharger and can be scheduled at the owners convenience (or even performed by those who are mechanically inclined). They also occur less than 5% as often as charging the EV.
IEVs are also known to be reliable for 150000 miles or more. Has anyone seen a Tesla with that kind of mileage?
Brilliant analysis of the volatility exchange traded products.
ZIV has been having some issues advancing lately. Perhaps some money is being spent to purchase protection for next year.
Are you sure that the hedges accounted for in their earnings are new hedges and not existing hedges whose value had to be adjusted due to time decay and changes in market value?
Perhaps LINN is postponing their conference call because there is something imminent on the BRY deal?
Disclosure: Long LINN with covered calls sold on that position.
I agree with you that if you are able to use the actual futures your return will likely be better due to the lack management fees. However, since each VIX futures contract has a 1000 multiplier one would need to have a massive bankroll and spend time DAILY to manage the rolling of futures contacts required to mirror the performance of ZIV.
Additionally, the liquidity of medium term VIX futures contracts is thin (though not quite as thin as ZIV)
Finally, if one wanted to purchase $250,000 worth of ZIV they would be buying nearly 10,000 shares of a security which typically trades with around a 5-10 cent spread and only has about 2-4000 shares on the inside market. Slippage in this case would cost somewhere around $1000 (if you're lucky) on both the purchase and sale (close to 1% round trip) making liquidity for a serious investor a serious problem (XIV typically has a 1-3 cent spread resulting in far less slippage and much greater liquidity for the average investor)
(Since you brought it up and although it was not part of my original question pre-market trading in ETF's commences @4AM EST whereas futures do not begin trading until 8AM EST.)
What would you say to those who question the liquidity of the instrument?
ZIV has a trailing 3 month average volume of 62,517 shares a day according to Yahoo finance giving it approximately $2.1MM in total daily trades. XIV trades 10,711,900 on a trailing 3 month average which give it nearly $30MM in daily volume. That's 15 times as liquid.
(Devils advocate question)
If the Fed stops buying then someone else will have to step in an absorb that supply. Under current law, the Treasury can't simply print money. How do you suppose the Treasury will have funds to spend regardless of Congressional mandates?
Without the Fed buying the rates would be higher and the debt would be greater. Despite all that liquidity being pumped into the system the economy is stalling. Obama will use the debt ceiling as his pinata to blame the other party for the lack of growth.
Debt is neither a Red or Blue issue, it is a Green issue. I think both parties are to blame for the slide of this country economically. We need to stop borrowing.
The economy has already begun to stall despite the Fed dumping $85 Billion in the economy every month. Now Obama needs a scapegoat and conveniently the debt ceiling is due to expire shortly. Throwing good money after bad is neither a Red or Blue issue it's a Green issue. Where we not considered the world's reserve country we would be flailing at double digit inflation already. That time will come sooner and with greater alacrity than anyone would care for as we continue to pile up freshly minted cash.
Two things not taken into consideration in this article:
1) The law of large numbers
2) The maturity dates of the underlying ETN's/ETF's
Otherwise, a well written analysis.