• J. A. Saglimbeni
    Stocks I would not own right now...BBRY, NOK, HPQ, BAC, CSCO...no serious growth in earnings and revenues..dead to me.
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    • Grand Nagus Kelly: You still are a genius. What are people that buy rimm and nok especially thinking?
    • J. A. Saglimbeni: Well, thanks for the compliment, but it doesn't take a genius to realize that buying companies that do not grow earnings leads to nowhere.
    • NIKKG: Cocaine is a hell of a drug
    • holydawn: Of those stocks mentioned, is CSCO really comparable?
    • J. A. Saglimbeni: Of the five, I guess you can say that CSCO is the best, but sales growth has been in the single digits and the moat no longer holds..IMHO