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  • J. A. Saglimbeni
    added to my $SBUX position, long-term and future divdend growth great....
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    • zoralsurgeon: Agree! I'm hoping this company is still growing that divy and people drinking coffee 10 years from now
    • phemale60: I have some at $67 and hate averaging up; keep hoping to buy at 3-5% dip that never happens!
    • zoralsurgeon: Yea.. The last two trading sessions it has tried to fall over 1% but get's bought back up to $80.30ish at the end of each day. Think
    • zoralsurgeon: Christmas provides a great time for people traveling and wanting coffee when its cold :) I know we do
    • Philip Saglimbeni: Joe, I just submitted a nice article on $SBUX at Motley Fool centered on the dividend-growth, I stole your phrase for the title though ; )
    • J. A. Saglimbeni: No problem, Its all in the
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