• J. A. Saglimbeni
    Volume a bit light for AMZN, but I still think it wants to trade $240+....
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    • traderchats: Looking for pop to 235 to pick july 230 puts for $5. Hope will be lucky to get today
    • J. A. Saglimbeni: I don't think this is a short, market will turn eventually and AMZN will rally to new highs..
    • traderchats: Why do u think this is not a short? FY13-14 valuation will only play from sep at FY12-13 valuation is hefty or fully pricing all good new
    • traderchats: Also forming head and shoulder pattern on weekly 1 year chart. MFI,chaikin MF tells the weak volume/hands pushing the share higher
    • J. A. Saglimbeni: Above its 50-day during a bad overall market, weak volume on negative days...this is not a good short....just my opinion