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  • Should Apple Investors Fear Intel? [View article]
    The Ultrabook sprang into being because the PC OEMs were sitting on their hands bemoaning the "Death of the PC", and Intel needed to shake them out of their funk and give them a direction and purpose to re-invigorate the PC market with a product that consumers would find cool, sexy and a compelling buy. Intel has to walk a fine line between being "Inside" and competing with their customers directly, including Apple, Dell and HP, etc., not just Apple.

    As for the cable venture, they're not looking (from the rumors) to make a TV set, as the Apple iTV rumors abound, but a settop box, I'm assuming to increase Atom sales, although this is a head-scratcher for me at this point. CameraGuy has made some good comments on what Intel may be up to here; I'm looking forward to the April earnings conf call to hear what Otellini has to say. But, to my point, they probably would be considered competing with Apple's Apple TV STB, but I think Apple is moving in the direction of making the entire TV, whereas Intel is rumored to just be making a STB. Fuzzy there...
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  • Should Apple Investors Fear Intel? [View article]
    @cameraguy: Not so sure Intel would manufacture the A5 or any other An series of Apple's chips since they are based on ARMH's IP, and Otellini has stated that he doesn't want to become an ARM licensee, but wants to push Intel Architecure (IA). However, you do make a good point that both companies can be successfully secretive when they want to... Still, at this point, I think it's a stretch that Intel would fab any ARM IP. You raise the right point, tho, that there's really only 4 companies that can do fabrication on the right scale, and from what I've read 3 of them (Samsung, TSMC and GlobalFoundries) are all having problems at the 28nm node, while Intel is chugging away at 22nm. At some point, the other guys are going to fall so far behind that a lot of people are going to beat a path to Intel to fabricate their chips for them, IMHO...
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  • Should Apple Investors Fear Intel? [View article]
    @bastianpillai: What do you mean by "ICs"? Do you mean "individual computers"? If so, you're way off base... Please define your acronym...
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