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J.J. Rendina
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Just speculatin' but this could be a tell on the phone deal. An investment by Apple (or Ichan) in the network would sure be a win-win and would have helped it along.
Thanks for the sunshine, Sunshine, but I think the bus driver was taking up the financials as well. How better to help the banks raise private capital. Pity the taxi drivers.
The point you're trying to make is falling on deaf ears because the logic falls apart when you follow the money (debt). The debt part of the debt/GDP in 1946 was, for the most part, money spent in the US that stayed in the US. Today, that is not the case. Over half of the proposed stimulus and all of the previous one represents cash payouts to consumers who will send many of those dollars overseas. (You have been shopping lately, haven't you?). Other trillions are going to banks and institutions; much of which (we don't really know how much) will also go overseas to make good on counterparty liabilities.
"2009 has challenges, but they don't objectively compare with 1946"
Not yet.
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Sounds like Mr. Levy was educated at the O'Reilly & Dobbs School of Economics
I know. My submission said Chief.....I'll check with the editor