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J Mintzmyer is the founder of Value Investor's Edge, a top-ranked investment service on Seeking Alpha with focus on global shipping and trade. J is a CFA candidate and investment enthusiast who utilizes Seeking Alpha to provide a free exchange of trading and investment ideas and to provide... More
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  • Value Investor’s Edge: Mid-July Report

    The following report covers performance and feedback for Value Investor's Edge thus far in 2015. Officially launched on May 5th, 2015- all members who join within the first 3 months are guaranteed charter-status and a lifetime guarantee of $249/yr.

    Two Weeks Left

    In exactly two weeks (midnight on August 4th), the annual subscriber fee for Value Investor's Edge will increase from $249/yr to $600/yr. I am offering all of my initial charter members lifetime (of service) price guarantees at the initial rate of $249/yr. This guarantee will continue for future members, but will of course be set at the $600/yr level.

    Steady Growth and User Satisfaction

    Over the past month, net membership has doubled, and market returns have surprised even my most extreme expectations. I offer a research service that sometimes uncovers dramatic market mispricings, but typically just provides reports and insights into the market. Some weeks there are no attractive trades, other weeks there might be several. I thrive in volatile markets, and the recent Greek and China shakeup created several strong buying opportunities.

    I currently enjoy 100% subscriber satisfaction, but am always welcome to improvements and changes. This service is for my subscribers, and I work to steadily enhance the quality/experience. My primarily income is from a primary job, and then from my investing and trading gains. Although my service has seen phenomenal growth, and we are currently ranked #7 of 50 offerings on Seeking Alpha, I have more profit in the past week of trading than I will make from an entire year of my current subscription revenues. If I made more money from writing than I did from trading I'd probably suck at my job and subscribers would be better served by moving on.

    Always ask yourself that when considering paying for research or "ideas." How good is this person? Does he/she make money investing/trading or are they really just good writers or a good salesperson. There's nothing wrong with paying for entertainment, but my subscribers aren't here for gimmicks, we're here to profit from market assymetries. Sure, some of us have different risk tolerances or focus. I provide significant support to more risk-adverse participants and to subscribers who are only looking for income plays.

    Transparent Performance Tracking

    I post all of my trades on Twitter and Seeking Alpha Stocktalks, but I delay them by 24-48 hours to allow subscribers to enter positions that might be otherwise crowded out. I typically post all of my sells in a live environment, but I am considering a 24-hour delay period there as well.

    TipRanks tracks all of my official public ideas, and I am currently ranked in the global top 2% for 1-year performance, with even higher metrics for 2-year performance.

    An example of some recent trade notes that subscribers will continue to see:

    (click to enlarge)

    An example of my exits- publicly transparent and corregraphed to subscribers:

    Finding Market Disconnects with Conviction Ideas

    My top idea for March was Nordic American Tankers (NYSE:NAT)- $10. Top idea for April was Frontline (NYSE:FRO)- $2.30. Top idea for May was Frontline, $2.50-$2.95. Top idea for June was Navios Maritime Acquistion- $3.38. Top idea for July was Ardmore Shipping- $12.30.

    Frontline has stuggled to maintain momentum, but the value case is clear and it's only a matter of limited time until the market adjusts to this reality. NAT is up 75%+ including dividends, and the recommended options play returned over 10x. FRO is up 28% since first coverage, 18% since late May reiteration, and 24% over the past 2 weeks since the latest merger coverage. NNA is up 30% in just over a month. ASC is up 18% in a week and the options are up over 4x in a week.

    This type of performance is exceptional, and is honestly unlikely to continue at this pace. Our group has been gifted with irrational market volatility and mispricing on a scale that would totally perplex proponents of the efficient market hypotheses.

    Recent Reviews

    The best part of this subscription service is that I thoroughly enjoy participating. I have been blessed with subscribers who value the service, and who have been very patient with the growth transitions. Here are a few of the recent reviews- so far 100% of feedback has been 5/5.

    (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)

    Any further questions?

    Leave a comment, or send a message! Follow this link to sign up for Value Investor's Edge within the next 2 weeks to lock-in the $249/yr pricing. As always, I offer the guarantee that subscribers can cancel at any time and receive a 100% refund for unused time. Over the past 3 months, despite this generous guarantee, my retention rate is close to 95%.

    Jul 21 2:45 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Two Months Of Value Investor’s Edge

    I launched my Seeking Alpha premium research service, Value Investor's Edge, just over two months ago. Since then, the response has been fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed building up both a shipping research library and significant contributions to strengthen a blue-chip based portfolio.

    The service has also resulted in a few asymmetric trade ideas, but my primary focus is on the industry that I deeply understand and where I have a solid track record- global shipping. For those looking for more background information, I participated in an extensive interview hosted by Richard Berger. If you are interested in reading a detailed pitch and/or signing up, the research signup link is here.

    Expansive Shipping Research and Income Ideas

    The Value Investor's Edge shipping library now contains 29 exclusive reports on various companies in the financing, dry bulk, crude tanker, product tanker, and container sectors. I have also written a few reports focused on income investors offering several yield pays that exceed 9% yet have very reasonable risk levels. Subscribers can expect 1-2 new reports every week, and I cater to demand on which firms to cover next (within the global shipping realm).

    Trade Updates - Recent Example

    I do not post regular trades on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I only post trades when the market presents clear opportunities. Last week with the irrational Greek-related dips, I posted a trade alert on two firms that I have covered in extensive research reports.

    (click to enlarge)

    For a few of my subscribers who acted on this example of an "opportunity" trade, CPLP and NAP witnessed 2-day gains of 11% and 10% respectively. For those who are looking for free "piggy back" recommendations, yes both are still relatively oversold.

    Recent Reviews

    Last week Seeking Alpha allowed subscribers who have been with the service for 30+ days to write a review (subscribers who cancel are also allowed to write a reviews). So far, I have 100% 5* reviews and I would like to share my first two reviews. One name is blocked out because I haven't yet received permission to share this subscriber's username.

    (click to enlarge)

    Despite Seeking Alpha's generous refund policy (cancel anytime and receive a 100% refund of unused time), over 90% of my subscribers have stayed on over 30 days. The subscribers who cancelled had rave reviews about my shipping content/knowledge, but were simply not interested in the sector. I am currently ranked #6 of 47 research offerings on Seeking Alpha despite focusing on a rather niche sector of the market.

    Price Increase: 5 August 2015

    I promised to keep my price at $249/year for at least 3 months to give my initial followers a chance to budget for a subscription at an extremely affordable price. Based on feedback concerning the extensive value of the research library and to the frequency of valuable contributions, I am raising the price to $600/year or $75/month effective August 5th 2015. Current annual subscribers will be 'grandfathered' in via my "lifetime pricing guarantee." Current subscribers will never pay more than $249/yr for the research service. Likewise, those who sign up on or after August 5th will be guaranteed that their price will never exceed $600/year.

    Next 'Big Idea?'

    I'm always looking for inefficiencies in the shipping sector, and I have two new reports coming for my subscribers this week. I am also working on a new idea that will be unveiled Tuesday or Wednesday. I believe my next shipping investment has significantly more potential that Nordic American Tankers (NYSE:NAT) had back in March. Since my March 2015 'Top Idea' research report, NAT stock is up over 50% and the options (July $11c) are up over 9x. My next idea doesn't have quite the option potential, but I believe the equity upside is far higher in an even shorter time span.


    Ask away! I answer all personal messages or you can comment below with any questions! For those looking for more background information on me, here's another link to my interview series.

    The link to sign up for Value Investor's Edge is:

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  • Value Investor's Edge Sails On

    In less than two months, Value Investor's Edge subscribers have received over 20 research reports-23 total posted by this Friday. The majority of these reports are in-depth (7-15 pages) and are exclusive to the subscribers on our forum. With only 1 month remaining to sign up for Value Investor's Edge at the current price of $249/yr (increasing to $600/yr on August 5th), I wanted to provide a rehash of the current offering to potential subscribers. Feel free to comment below with any further questions or send me a private message.

    Honest/Transparent Research from a Fellow Investor

    Shipping is a very dangerous, yet also surprisingly rewarding niche sector to invest in. I have been following and investing in this sector since 2010, and have earned (and lost) significant amounts. I understand the fundamentals of the industry and have access to strong brokerage data that fuels my decision-making process.

    Despite my strong background in the area, I only allocate roughly 10% of my portfolio here (one-third to one-half of my total speculative assets) because as mentioned this is a niche and risky sector. In my highest conviction picks, I have considerable "skin in the game." Despite my success at offering the research service (currently ranked #6 of 47 offerings), in three months of trading and investing in my own recommendations I have made over 2x the profit than I will if 100% of my current subscribers stay for an entire year. I post all of my buys and sells on StockTalks and via my Twitter account. Subscribers will always receive a minimum of 24-hour advance on all of my trades- sometimes even longer in order to ensure reduced market distribution.

    30 Day "No Risk" Guarantee

    Seeking Alpha and I are offering a generous "no risk" guarantee. Sign-up today and you will receive access to 100% of my back catalog of research (23 reports) plus another 20+ articles in the "PRO" archive, dating back several years. You can review all of my work, and if you cancel within 30 days (takes only a few seconds), you will receive a 100% refund. If you sign up for an annual subscription, you can always cancel and receive a full refund for unused months. Despite this extremely generous guarantee, over 95% of my subscribers have stayed on past the 30-day mark. Several have told me they've made enough profits (or avoided huge losses) to pay for several years of this service (in just 7 weeks!).

    "Lifetime Pricing" Guarantee

    I initiated the service on May 5, 2015 with a 3 month guarantee of lifetime pricing at $249/yr. On August 5th, the price will increase to $75/m or $600/yr. Anyone who signs up for an annual plan by August 4th will continue to pay $249/yr for as long as the service is offered.

    I am not abandoning this guarantee. Anyone who signs up on August 5th will be guaranteed the $600/yr for as long as they stay on board and the research service is offered.

    Any Further Questions/Info?

    I have recently participated in an extensive interview series with fellow contributor, Richard Berger. (Note: Richard also offers a strong covered-call service for income-seeking investors) Prospective subscribers can learn more about my background and research style from that interview.

    Any further questions, please feel free to post below or send me a person message. I reply to everyone, typically within a few hours.

    Jul 01 5:44 PM | Link | Comment!
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