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  • J Mintzmyer
    $PLUG is such a disgusting sham stock- I'm blown away by the collective price support in the market. Just wait for the results...
    Thu, 3:02 PM
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    • 1980XLS: Giggle factory not much use for #AAPL. Batteries too small to move the needle. They will only be giggling the one Format for $TSLA
      15 hours ago
    • CleanEnergyNow: But I did read somewhere that the g-factory will make batteries for other customers. That's why Panasonic was involved...until they bailed.
      5 hours ago
      • J Mintzmyer
        Just did some basic research on Campbell's $CPB due to curiosity. Wow, what a horrendously managed wreck the past decade!
        Thu, 3:00 PM
          • J Mintzmyer
            $15 puts expiring worthless on $BCOR. Lost a decent amount here. Wondering if the GCR report was garbage...?
            Thu, 11:58 AM
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            • platonicbomb: I felt it was leaning too heavily on 10 year old data and misrepresenting as illegal stuff that is merely seedy.
              Fri, 4:12 AM
            • J Mintzmyer: Clearly the market agreed. I'm moving on.
              Fri, 10:29 AM
              • J Mintzmyer
                Sold the $7.50 $PLUG puts for 70c, gain of 40% in 1 hour (trailing stop). Holding the $5s in May-- looking for a massive drop.
                Tue, 10:34 AM
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                • Christopher Wallace: Air Liquide converts coming tradable. They are likely to try to be orderly in get out of their position. But others worry me.
                  Thu, 12:07 PM
                • jaginger: Oh, snap. $AI preferreds converting to 11 million common next month. Sweet!
                  Thu, 12:25 PM
                  • J Mintzmyer
                    So much for that rally.... $QQQ pain.
                    Tue, 10:16 AM
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                    • losbronces: $SQQQ gain, but man does it move fast.
                      Tue, 10:42 AM
                      • J Mintzmyer
                        Long some $PLUG $7.50 puts for Apr14 at $0.50. Is it time for this party to finally end?
                        Tue, 9:41 AM
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                        • RayeBob: Saw all your posts today J. Glad you made some money short-term. If you're like me, I guess wrong on timing over half the time it seems.
                          Tue, 10:08 PM
                        • J Mintzmyer: Just gotta turn over a 2x on the hits, and 50% will get you rich.
                          Tue, 10:52 PM
                          • J Mintzmyer
                            $PLUG- most obvious short I've seen in my entire career. They did a massive equity raise at 15 cents last year! Always miss projections.
                            Tue, 9:40 AM
                              • J Mintzmyer
                                Taking a massive position in $PLUG $5 puts for May14. This is an extraordinary sham stock-- worth under $1.
                                Tue, 9:38 AM
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                                • Weighing Machine: Volatility here is very expensive. Rather than buying the puts, sell the out of the money calls/LEAPs. Get paid for the vol.
                                  Tue, 10:32 AM
                                • J Mintzmyer: No thanks. Stock could go to $20-$30 and break me. Upside of 100% versus put upside of 500%+. I'd sell LEAPs on a bigger fish like $TSLA.
                                  Tue, 10:37 AM
                                  • J Mintzmyer
                                    Sold the rest of $LNKD Jan15 $170 puts for $27.25, gain of 82% in just over 6m. Still long $120 puts for Jan15.
                                    Tue, 9:36 AM
                                      • J Mintzmyer
                                        Long $GM at $32.69. I believe the sell-off over recalls is far overdone and 2014 looks to be a record year. PT $50+.
                                        Mon, 12:18 PM
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                                        • Shiv Kapoor: Have to agree with you. $GM Value whether you look at PE, Fwd PE or PEG is great.
                                          Mon, 1:00 PM
                                          • J Mintzmyer
                                            Sold a $LNKD $170 Jan15 put for $25.90, gain of 73% in 6m. Still holding 1/2 position and $120 puts.
                                            Mon, 11:45 AM
                                              • J Mintzmyer
                                                Long $TSLA Jun14 $160 put for $6.50. Buying myself some time for the inevitable crash on gigafactory and repurchase liability realities.
                                                Apr 11, 10:30 AM
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                                                • Clayton Rulli: you flip your puts yet?
                                                  Tue, 11:14 AM
                                                • J Mintzmyer: Negative- holding these for a lot longer. Turned out the April since they only had a week left. Looking for under $150.
                                                  Tue, 11:17 AM
                                                  • J Mintzmyer
                                                    Sold $TSLA $200 put for Apr(18) at $5.09. Gain of 48% in 6 weeks.
                                                    Apr 11, 10:00 AM
                                                      • J Mintzmyer
                                                        How reliable are the $TSLA repurchase agreements? Lawsuit is iffy, but raises good questions:
                                                        Apr 10, 5:45 PM
                                                          • J Mintzmyer
                                                            $TSLA lemon lawsuit ongoing claims refusal to buyback car... Perhaps Paulo Santos was on to something with the performance issues?
                                                            Apr 10, 5:38 PM
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                                                            • J Mintzmyer: I hadn't watched it. Haha, we need an autotune mixer! It's almost like a deliberate troll...
                                                              Apr 10, 7:53 PM
                                                            • J Mintzmyer: George Clooney's head ftw.
                                                              Apr 10, 7:54 PM
                                                              • J Mintzmyer
                                                                $YZC had a great day today- any relevant news?
                                                                Apr 10, 5:27 PM
                                                                  • J Mintzmyer
                                                                    So when are the $NFLX $LNKD $FB $TWTR $TSLA margin calls going to start rolling in? Lots of pain in this market.
                                                                    Apr 10, 3:07 PM
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                                                                    • $TSLA fan: You don't think others are good buy at these levels?
                                                                      Apr 12, 11:03 AM
                                                                    • J Mintzmyer: I don't think any of these are a good buy at these levels, nor would they be a 'good' buy at anything less than a 50-60% drop.
                                                                      Sun, 12:56 PM
                                                                      • J Mintzmyer
                                                                        Goodnight $SPY, Goodnight $QQQ, Goodnight $IBB. Tapering too strong!
                                                                        Apr 10, 3:06 PM
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                                                                        • buyandhold???: goodnight??? We've been in the same range all year on the dow, QQQ was $62 last yr, this is hardly a big move, we're still on a bull trend
                                                                          Apr 12, 7:45 PM
                                                                        • J Mintzmyer: I was referring to the yearly ('14) trending, but I suppose if you zoom out to early 2013, the levels still look pretty 'strong.'
                                                                          Sun, 12:56 PM
                                                                          • J Mintzmyer
                                                                            $BCOR is really holding up well against the onslaught... $ANGI is doing fairly as well. Any news on the former? $15p expiring worthless...
                                                                            Apr 10, 3:00 PM
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                                                                            • lildimsum7: What do you think is bad about bcor?
                                                                              Thu, 10:09 AM
                                                                            • J Mintzmyer: Besides the broad over-valuation that comes with the sector:
                                                                              Thu, 11:56 AM
                                                                              • J Mintzmyer
                                                                                $CSH shorts need to be very careful- not quite as 'easy' of a target as $WRLD and lots of underlying cash flow generation...
                                                                                Apr 10, 11:41 AM