• J Mintzmyer
    THQIQ - Nothing changed, in fact a good quarterly release. Doubling exposure.
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    • TheDood: Are you seriously buying more? hard hits the last two days...
    • J Mintzmyer: I have small position with 600 shares prior to yesterday, added 800 yesterday, and 600 today. My net basis is now $2.26.
    • J Mintzmyer: Obviously a risky position, but the upside is once in a lifetime.
    • J Mintzmyer: 1200 of these shares are in a taxable account, I might sell off 200 for a tax harvest if it flounders since they have a basis of $6.05.
    • TheDood: yah that could be a good call. Thanks for the insight. Loved your article by the way. Cant wait to see the next two