• J Mintzmyer
    If the $LNKD $NFLX $TSLA declines continue, this qtr will be an S&P 500 blowout despite coal (30%) languishing and $BODY-OLD crashing...
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    • byslkwd: How is your $ANGI trade working out?
    • J Mintzmyer: Unfortunately all my $ANGI puts were for Feb. Didn't buy more for May, was going to wait until just prior to results to avoid time premiums.
    • byslkwd: Rats. Maybe at least try selling calls, so time is on your side.
    • J Mintzmyer: I feared $ANGI could spike into the $20s on short covering. I think there's more return to be made on puts with $NFLX and $LNKD...
    • buyandhold???: J i love your analysis most of the time but you're very wrong on LNKD bro its going over $225 soon, i bought the april 225 calls yesterday
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