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  • J Mintzmyer
    May14 call options expiring worthless: $AAPL $615 & $620s, 'assumed' last week. $SODA $42.50s.
    May 16, 2:51 PM
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    • J Mintzmyer: Approx. 2% hit overall, 5% hit to trading funds.
      May 16, 2:52 PM
    • Tri Duong: My June AAPL share may not expire worthless after all lol. Hope for the momentum today to carry into next week.
      May 16, 3:03 PM
    • inside man 55: Taking a loss always stinks, this is why I am focused on selling options, I am looking for consistent gains, your other trades did great.
      May 16, 4:19 PM
    • J Mintzmyer: $AAPL I got really greedy. Bought $560s for earnings, rolled to $600s, rolled to $620s. Overall gains were huge, but I ended up with 50%
      May 16, 4:46 PM
    • J Mintzmyer: of my 'peak.' If I'd cashed out at the $600s, I'd have done 2x, better... But then again if I'd stopped at the $560s, I'd only have 50%...
      May 16, 4:46 PM
    • J Mintzmyer: Only easy to tell in hindsight. I'm sitting on a decent amount of Jun $620s.
      May 16, 4:47 PM
    • inside man 55: absolutely, it takes guts, I applaud you for taking that risk, I hope to be at that mental level soon once I am more familiar with options.
      May 16, 5:48 PM
    • user 192...: there is fresh bull's breath in this one - hopefully will last for Mon and Tue "up" days
      May 16, 7:09 PM
    • pocohonta: I almost always sell short-dated options & buy long longer date options because time decay ALWAYS eat up time value of expiring options
      May 17, 11:18 PM
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