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Jack Henry
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I never took a biostats course, but I now feel that I just did. My point about the mean is that Provenge should be working after the mean while Zytiga does not. Therefore, the average survival for Provenge should be better than the average survival for Zytiga. I did not care if the median was greater than the mean for Provenge itself, just in comparisons. Maybe I made a mess making my point, but I never see the media doing any better. I got your point about the hazard ratio, and I am glad it is superior to Zytiga's. I got that only the crossover drug was Frovenge and not part of the placebo from Ted's comments. I do appreciate the thorough review of my article.
Thank you Ted for your comments. I did oversimply in a few areas and appreciate your points. I did know that Provenge is before chemo. I did not make the distinction, because the other side just points to the higher median. But next time I will make the distinction. Dendreon is a complicated story. Investors don’t like complicated stories.
While I knew about the crossovers, I thought that Frovenge had to be used as a placebo. Otherwise why not just give Provenge. I have to go back to review the trial. In any case, the 4.1 month median is understated and as suggested by a significant amount. I look forward to the release of the sequencing study with Zytiga in February.
The SEC went after Martha Stewart, who supposedly had insider information regarding the FDA decision on Imclone's drug, but will not investigate the connection between Dr. Scher and his hedge fund pals who knew the drug would never get FDA approval. Who do you think had more money at stake, Martha or the hedge funds?
Martha Stewart went to jail, because she lied to a prosecutor investigating insider trading regarding the approval of Imclone's cancer drug. How many people will go to jail if there is an investigation regarding Dendreon's cancer drug? The FDA ruling on Provenge represents only the tip of an iceberg. It is probably one of the largest insider trading scadals of all time. When will the investigation begin?