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I am an economist who created theorems being bantered about for the Austerity v. Coase oppression investing, and new nest egg investing lifestyle rules. The theorems are measuring affects on markets and human unit plights over these next decades. I have been an analyst for over 21 years.... More
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  • The Tales Within The Options: Hinting Where The Money Flow Is Going...
    Getting use to watching the dynamics of placing your bets comes from watching the options volumes.

    Today, the options story is telling us where the big money is flowing:

    The theme is carried on from the small-caps and how to build a rating of when to buy or sell a security. Buy or sell Calls or Puts.

    I suggest using the ability of fundamentals. Charting and watching options volumes of interest can also spot positive momentum of big money going to work.

    Far-fetched, not this time...

    Look to my future articles on: Option plays and other Equity picks. We have some real good choices revealing entry in the ETF(s) and Mutual Fund portfolio stabilizers.

    Until my next article, keep your risk within acceptable risks.


    ISSI with Options and shares
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  • The Little Engines That Can - Jobs Driven Trailblazers For Jumping On The Recovery Train
    The Markets and Economies are Sending Clear Messages--The Engines That Can! 

    Copyright cleared with originators.

    Looking closely out into the futures market, Options are telling a story.

    This concept is a challenge to an article wrote by Ruth Marcus out of The Washington Post on September 15, 2010 titled, 

    "The little engine that can't: The myth about small businesses and jobs". 

    Small business start-up and the Small-Mid-Tier is seen as the recovery engine that can build jobs and cause the Engine of M&A to Roar ahead. Roar for these small-caps to find them ripe for the picking by Large-Cap Corporations looking at bottom-lines.

    It is the way growth occurs as marked by all nations seeking sustainable recoveries based upon jobs and consumer confidence. To move away from the hard choices of "Coase Oppression Economics" (Austerity Theorem) I have been pushing for the past few years.

    The concept I have presented today brings the heads up seen within the options for IWM posted above.

    It is in direct conflict with Ruth Marcus as she wrote, "It is taken as gospel among politicians of both parties that small business is the engine of job creation. "We're starting with small businesses because that's where most of the new jobs do," President Obama said this year. "Small businesses are the job generator of America," echoed Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain" (Marcus, Sep, 15,2010).

    Ruth is to point within her comments, "Small businesses are job creators; they are also job destroyers, as firms fail. Most start-ups do: About 40 percent of jobs created by start-ups are eliminated in the first five years.
    Meanwhile, established small businesses -- your neighborhood dry cleaners -- don't generate many new jobs.
    Small" (Marcus).

    The affects of the new Healthcare Reform in the United States markets are still a question.

    Copyright 2009 - Monte Wolverton

    This coupled with the tax cuts issues have profound affects. Affects when placing your bets on the table. The current air of politics has relief showing in this area of the markets. This means market rallies for those interested in trains and when these trains leave the station.
    Copyright cleared with originators.

    The real end to this article comes from the theme. The "Little Engine That Could", has set a course on real Central Banks from around the world acting in concert to orchestrate a sustainable recovery through holding off on Foreclosures and other moves that signal clear market buy on the dips starting to become the mantra again.

    Remember to "Getting your Investments Right", look to the professionals and the subscription tools to keep your nest egg safe. The theory is to not pay high costs of "Egg-Management Fees"...

    Far-fetched: Never!

    Look to my future articles on: Option plays and other Equity picks. We have some real good choices revealing entry in the ETF(s) and Mutual Fund portfolio stabilizers.

    Until my next article, keep your risk within acceptable risks.

    Disclosure: Still long in ISSI with Option Strategies No positions within SMH, SOX, IWM currently as of today's posting.
    Sep 20 5:30 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Why Greece? The Impending Formation of The Coase Oppression (Austerity) Theorem
    The graphs are showing the contractions of econometrics bringing the game of social results seen in Greece and now Spain coming soon.

    Results revealing the true pressures of the extensions of credit and the liar's debts mounting. These and other leveraged debts along with the CDO(s) and the continued open printing presses of all the Central Banks. The final straw comes from the continued silent partners push, or call it a shove of sovereign will. These folks of the select elite staged from around the world. Powerful folks who profess and continue this relentless march towards a one-world order mentality making the world a high stakes poker table they plan not to lose at, these as you have read are the ones who lion's share of wealth and power of the secret circles of the cloak and dagger folks we hear or read of.

    Far-fetched; these thoughts of, "Oppression Theorem" living and breathing through consumption and the decay within the social order to push the natural acceptance of "Social Mass Confinement" of mass benefits and social programs and the very condition of what drives the dream of life's oyster. Confinement through economic growth of the other to survive on the ability of each other for the veracious need to consume and grow that trait to such levels that create the prison and walls that are invisible at first to the naked eye of the world.

    Capitalism's, Socialism's, and the true oppression of Communism's all converge to the melting pot of striping away the soul of the human spirit. A human spirit stripped away through the very nature of wanting it all at a price. The human spirit of dignity through social systems; human conditions of confinement socially as then set by governments or other systems and then taken away by contraction of forces; as if the devil himself sets the temptation of these forces himself.

    The devil is always within the fiber and the fine print of the choices presented us throughout history. He meshes Himself to the contracts to deceive what is to be considered quite norm. He sets these needs and dreams of having it all as the greatest of temptations to gather all to the table of longing and reaching that would be, called "The American Dream". A dream not just born here within American history, but in other places, starting from the beginning of time and spanning the globe, they may call it different but nevertheless the same meaning.

    The forces of these Dreams; having it all in a real sense, convey Access and Challenge of Evil against Good--Conserve / Share and Waist.

    Without these properly balanced, it causes eventually a shift between, Rich and Poor, Courage / Fear and Giving or Sharing / Devour .

    All too often, many have found the easy road offered, is the road traveled other than the one less traveled. To find a subtle peace in ones life through the natural order of social higher order has been learned to come by this next suggestion. Take it for what it may be worth. The hard road that is the less traveled road is the invitation to ultimately be joined to the Creator known as "I am" and a peace of mind to weather all challenges placed before you.

    The sad part it seems for many will still be today and well into the future; the easy road. This is the decay process at play within this world today. These decays  do lead for only a small glimpse within the marks of history, a period of prosperity for lower areas of large groups of society. In the long math calculations this can not hold do to separation that there will be no middle only Rich and Poor. So the middle class tread with this warning. 

    The theorem gives this signal that seems a population of generation Y, X and unknown to come all go for the life style of the easiest roads to travel to the promised lands of the dreams of riches and every wants fulfilled as the marketers of these dreams pedal night and day.

    Some choices again my friends, only lead to that of turns of the longest of journeys of many of oppressions and ultimately the loss of ones soul, though it may be,  in the end it seems; to be starting to becoming true for this theorem has truth and merit. The pure metric force of contraction must invariable take it all away because the balance of every book does seem always keep its counts somehow of what allows all life to exist in ultimate harmony.

    This is the true theory of the Oppression Theorem explanation and forewarning. I am an economics and business finance student writing his final thesis while acquiring the final stages of research to write this book on these timely subjects.

    I invite you all to read this linked article as a response to rally the academia and media. Rally the learning curve and voices around an article from Simon Johnson an MIT professor and co-Author of 13-Bankers that seems to be a timely book for our times.

    These thoughts are not as Far-fetched as I wish they were. It takes us all to get to know what is important in our lives, and to try to cut back in what do I needed items. Can I live without it items. The more we learn to live with less stuff, the better in the end we may tend to be.

    This is or can be a lesson as tremors are seen prior to the big Earth Quakes or large Natural Disasters. In this case, these circumstances have to do with the very nature of the human conditions of what makes up the social order of life changes and begs then to differ with and put the challenge out to the minds of the media and the academia community as the challenge.

    You can see plainly the open arrogance of man still even today betting on the pain and the misery with the rating of bonds from Greece and many other States and Countries from around the globe. This is the real deal folks. Just go to the PIMCO fund family run by Bill Gross, and you can see the portfolio of many holdings and there are many others holding such other forms of income type debt bets upon the conversion of Oppression Theorem to income relationship, as this is the fact of Social collapse in modern world economics today.

    From around the world, a phenomenon of frank reality is not abounding with the fact that science has no room for a Creator (God) nor does the Devil (Satan). The world will remain in greater oppression from the deceiver (Devil / Satan) as the greatest book ever written has foretold when we tend to take the person of "I am"; also known as "God" out of many of the equations. This sets up the recipe for many hardships for the human condition as explained in some details.

    We see this move away from the living God and from large amount of people going away from attending church, public prayer within assembly, and even trying; publicly take him out of public documents within books and within currency within all places of governments as seen so often throughout Europe, Americas including other emerging nations.

    The absence of God or the decay of Social Order is the match that has lit "The Oppression Theorem". The theorem expresses itself as best example like the consuming fires of a California Wild Fire or massive disaster, as we are seeing now this taking over Greece as the warning flag for all nations including Spain. Spain is getting ready, or needs the next aerial drop of IMF and world support of bail out to buoy an economy. An economy teeters on a metric oppressive government dilemma of selling out the people of the nation. The dilemma of having to look deeply for the Devil is within the fine writing of all the deals and agreements. Deals and agreements of a nation coming to appear to be the rescue by buying and them selling their very souls to the devil himself.  

    The headlines will read and I will wager to say. For how many pieces of silver or gold of the peoples of its nation did they sell themselves out? The poor bastards never stood a chance, for the spread of bonds were picked apart like a frenzy of buzzards take their spoils and divided them up amongst themselves and go on to the next flailing flag a waving. This is the sign of the times of the great fire sale of many nations led into the state of a nation of Oppressive Debtors ship that many may never get off. You could call it the silent war fought in the heavens and here upon this earth for your very soul of what you are willing to sell your soul.

    The winners and losers are you and I folks, as we lose the very nature of our souls of what makes us alive. To lose is to stand-alone. To win or have hope is when more than one stand together and join; you can become a nation. This is the greatest nation on earth and the earth's last hope to bring a Lessening to the burdens and Oppressive standards of living from the economic metrics of the devil in the fine print that has gone out of control.

    Indeed, our nation can have the Devil found quickly out before signing any further upon the deeds that are to be done and the souls or folks that are to be lost to the abyss of despair. Yes; we can as a Nation under God, put a stop to the Evil and wicked snares of the Devil in the writing and fibers of oppressions and despair.

    Our nation as this is the plight for many nations to come in the future for these times of challenges we face. Our nation will need to rise as a nation to meet the enemy head on, as our nation is marked by, in "God We Trust" as we will "Fear No Evil" Marines take up cheer "Semper Fi" as we walk through the Shadows of the Great Unknowns.  

    The question marks being raised for many nations to start asking as sovereign debts and ratings of the ability to pay on those debts are changing now almost monthly to weekly. When they start changing daily, I think we are all in trouble and the markets will not matter at that point; because we will not have a market, as we knew it to be in place.

    The match of Oppression Theorem truly is lit now folks, learn what you need to know and know you can make a change to stop the ultimate of failure from occurring.

    I rest my case. The solutions still rest with man. The ability for man to invite the creator back fully into union with bringing a consciousness to a higher ethical, moral, and morale of a society that accepts this type of change to upright a ship that has gone aground with social order has been long overdue.

    Far-fetched; Maybe, I Hope Not!

    I can only end this with God Bless you all that read and take heed and have learned...


    Disclosure: None
    May 02 11:03 PM | Link | Comment!
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