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  • Adept Technology, An Acquisition Candidate? - Part II [View article]
    Good article, especially because I am long too. Here are some more tidbits.
    Robert Cain, Adept Technology CEO, is also an operating member of Hale Capital Partners. Hale made an $8 million dollar investment in Adept back in September 2012 acquiring 14% of the company. Robert Cain was announced CEO in February 2013 and was part of a turnover in upper management getting the company aligned. Let’s face it, the prior leadership just did not come through. Current leadership will stress share price and would be interested in a sale if the right offer is found.
    Telenetix a recent Hale partner investment that Robert Cain was a part of traded as low as 24 cents in the past 52 weeks and in now at $6.80 and being acquired. This is a group that gets things done and has shareholder interest in mind.

    This is Hale's overview:
    "We bring a traditional growth equity skill set to non-traditional situations. We focus on under-appreciated, under-followed, or under-capitalized businesses, whether they are small public companies, non-core divisions of larger companies, restructurings, or simply good companies in out-of-favor industries. In every investment we work closely and patiently with management to help transform businesses into larger and more successful operations."
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  • Adept Technology's CEO Discusses F2Q2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article] is the Adept website for natural packaging solutions
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  • Adept's Hidden Value: Its Patent Portfolio [View article]
    We have to just agree to disagree. Adept patent value has yet to be recognized since their applications "have" been more futuristic. Practical applications are slowly approaching. Once again, here is a link to news about a few of their patents.

    Feel free to explain how these and other patents have no value. I agree their value has yet to be realized in profits. Good luck and happy holidays to you too!
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  • Adept's Hidden Value: Its Patent Portfolio [View article]
    Kinect is an example of where smart vision is today. This article is speculative of where vision is going. Adept is a leader and has been a part of its revolution for a while. Here is a mention of a few patent grants.

    With a market cap of little over 20 million a competitor or new industry entrant is more likely to acquire the company rather than get into a patent battle. This is comparable to the smart phone industry 10 years ago. At that time those patents brought little value in the form of profitability but today they are priceless. I am not arguing your comments but stating a speculative point to bring future value as the industry grows.
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