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  • High Conviction: A Dividend Paying, Low P/E Green Infrastructure Play [View article]
    It will stay at $40 or above until it stops trading. Scheider has made a bid to acquire Telvent which by all indications will be accepted and reach a cash conclusion. This is a satisfying example of identification of value for shareholders buried within Telvent which was ultimately released by a take over bid.
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  • Spain Must Take the Lead in Europe [View article]
    It amazes me how many smart, well informed people are ready to contribute their thoughts for free in Seeking Alpha. I have lived and worked in Spain for over twenty years, and can tell one and all that the current situation is VERY serious, and I wouldn´t advise any company to invest here until a new government is in place with sane economic policies. The crisis in Spain is NOT the fault of the Germans, its a national issue, basically the Spanish economy was not prepared to transition from one day to the next from the high inflation, , high interest rate, constantly devaluating Peseta to the low interest rate, low inflation Deutschmark (for that is what an Euro is, after all) As a result, there was an unbelievable housing bubble which both main political parties benefited. The music finally stopped, and we are stuck now with an incredibly inept government and increasing social unrest.

    That said, Spain is a marvelous country, where many Americans like myself come to work, and never want to leave because of how the Spanish live. I am a short term bear, but a long term bull on Spain. (great weather, great food, great people, strategic location, links to LATAM, ¨California of Europe¨ etc) but only after the country once again has a sane government.
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  • Spain Must Take the Lead in Europe [View article]
    Spain ¨take the lead?¨ How? Do you any idea what kind of government Spain has right now? A totally corrupt and exhausted group of Socialists who´s only ambition is to hold on to power as long as possible, at whatever cost. Spain will not be able to lead ANYTHING until after national elections take place sometime before the end of March 2012.
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  • Quepasa Is Young, Not Overvalued: Pullback Presents Buy Opportunity [View article]
    Many thanks Mark for this excellent article. I´m pleased to become your newest follower on Seekingalpha, and hope you will continue to follow Quepasa closely in the future. Best wishes, James in Madrid
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  • Thermogenesis (KOOL): Microcap Value and Growth in the Emerging Stem Cell Industry [View instapost]
    Thanks for the imput yellowtailcheek. Indeed, the quarterly results were good, but not quite as good as I had hoped. I suspect that you are right, and it is a just a question of another quarter or two to see some real impressive growth. I am holding on to my shares, and will continue to recommend purchases for microcap value and growth investors. Best wishes, James in Madrid
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  • The U.S., China, Japan and 18 other Pacific Rim countries started talks today that could lead to the creation of a Pacific-wide free trade zone. It's a bold idea, but perhaps an unrealistic one given the diversity of the 21 countries and rising tensions over exchange rates, current account balances, territorial disputes and so on.  [View news story]
    Excellent idea and initiative. Free trade agreements are an area where Republicans can work with clear headed Democrats to bolster trade, and thereby bolster jobs for Americans. President Obama would be wise to pursue these agreements aggresively, including the deals with Colombia, Panama and Korea which have long been pending Congressional approval.
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  • Betting on The Jockey [View instapost]
    Excellent insight and advice Ian. Many thanks for sharing this with us.
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  • Thermogenesis (KOOL): Microcap Value and Growth in the Emerging Stem Cell Industry [View instapost]
    Indeed yellowtailcheek, the 1st quarter report is key. As my mother used to say (don´t know why) ¨The proof is in the pudding¨. If Mel and his team are able to deliver the numbers, it will go a long way to demonstrating that Thermogenesis is finally on a trajectory of sustained growth. I´m holding firm and long. Thanks for your valuable insights, I look forward to your comments on the earnings. Best wishes, James
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  • Updating,ThermoGenesis (KOOLD) [View instapost]
    Thanks yellowtailcheek, it is a great feeling to get positive feedback. I´m holding on to Thermogenesis (KOOL). Lately been entering PSDA and SNTS as well, might write about them, but am discouraged by Seeking Alpha´s refusal to publish my KOOL article (60% lower price than today!)
    Oct 21 05:55 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • India Will Be #1 Even Sooner Than I Thought [View article]
    Excellent, interesting article, many thanks Prof. Sumner. I have long been uncomfortable investing in the Chineses totalitarian one party state, where the Nobel Peace Prize winner is currently in prison for ¨questioning¨ the authority of the communist party. (Where are all the ¨Free Mandela¨ protestors when a left wing regime tramples human rights?)

    Your article provide me with further justification for my position that ¨ethical investors¨ should choose democratic India over totalitarian China. In the end, the Chinese will be old before they are rich, as a result of the countless forced abortions of the vicious ¨one child¨ policy. The sky is the limit for India where the concept of the dignity of the individual liberty is a fundamental element of their legal structure.
    Oct 11 04:21 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Quepasa: The Only Publicly Traded Social Network (Part 2) [View article]
    With all due respect for Timothy Sykes (given his enormous contribution to Seeking Alpha and multitude of insightful articles published here) I personally don´t give a damn if Ian Cassel once was a paid stock promoter, or even if he mistreats small animals in his basement. What I care about is the qualitity of his ideas and his articles defending those ideas. In the case of Quepasa, I have made a lot of money, after hearing about the company from Ian´s work, and then doing my own due diligence and making my own decision. No one is responsible for the results (good or bad) other than myself. However, I am grateful to Ian for sharing his work for free, and have learned to take his ideas seriously.

    I look forward to reading more groundbreaking articles by the brilliant Mr. Sykes who is so fond of criticizing others on Seeking Alpha. I hope I don´t have to wait too long. In the meantime, I´ll continue to read Ian Cassel and others who publish (for free!) excellent work on Seeking Alpha.
    Oct 9 02:22 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Updating,ThermoGenesis (KOOLD) [View instapost]
    Thanks for this update on what I believe is an excellent microcap opportunity. I recently published a instablog on Thermogenesis as well, fully expecting that it would be published as an article. However, the editors at Seeking Alpha rejected it. When I appealed their decision, they gave me reasons which were not all convincing, including that ¨the share had changed symbols¨(duh!!, reverse split) and there had been ¨problems with the NASDAQ listing ¨(since resolved by reverse split). Anyway, I post a link to my blog which I hope you and your readers will find useful:
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  • Quepasa Continues to Execute to Perfection [View article]
    This month Telefonica purchased the Spanish based social media site Tuenti for nearly $100 million in cash. Tuenti had 7 million members, mostly teenagers (including both of mine) with a very low spending power. Telefonica is considered a smart company, and they are by far the leading telecom in Latin America. If they saw reason to pay $100 million for 7 million users in Spain, I believe it will not be long until the market recognizes that the 17 million users of the fast growing QuePasa are worth much more than the share´s current capitalization of $50 million. This share is a screaming buy, and may well be targeted for acquisition by Telefonica before long to wisely complement the Tuenti purchase.
    Aug 19 04:11 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Clarient Can Profit From Rise of Individualized Medicine [View article]
    Thanks for this excellent article Mr. Garza. I took a strong position in Clarient (CLRT) a few weeks ago, and this article confirms and expands on the atttractions I saw in this stock in the exploding field of cancer diagnostics and molecular testing. This may indeed be a real winner in the coming years. Please keep us posted on you views on Clarient in the future.
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  • Pennsylvania has become a battleground over hydraulic fracturing - the natural gas extraction method that is increasingly important to opening up new territory, but is also under fire for potential links to contaminated groundwater.  [View news story]
    The Liberal Democrats will use any excuse NOT to utilize real American domestic energy sources, of ANY kind. (useless windmills and solar panels not don´t count) They want to continue to fund Saudi Arabia and allied terrorist sponsoring states. Wonder why?
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